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PROS: 123InkCartridges Reviews
If you are looking for office supplies today, then 123InkCartridges.ca is the place to be. Here you can find a variety of products such as printers, ink cartridges, writing materials, briefcases and even school supplies for your needs. The great thing from the website is that they also provide customers with a free shipping on all orders above $49. Getting free deliveries can really help save on cost and let you buy additional products from them as well. Continue reading the 123InkCartridges review to know more.

  • Free Shipping Services
  • Convenient Online Transactions
  • Wide Range of Supplies
  • Affordable Products

CONS: 123InkCartridges Reviews
If you are looking to return items from the 123InkCartridges.ca that are not defective, you will not be compensated for the shipping fee that you have incurred. Aside from that, there is also a 10% restocking fee that you need to pay as well. These are some of the negative aspects that you might want to keep in mind before you decide to purchase. You are going to thank this 123InkCartridges review later once you’ve visited their website.

  • 10% Restocking Fee on Returns

9.5 Total Score

Now that you have learned all about the company in this 123InkCartridges review, we can say that this is indeed one of the best places to buy office supplies, ink cartridges and printers at the same time. Almost all of your needs can be found at 123InkCartridges.ca with regards to office supplies, that is why you'd want to check this out after reading.

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