Alibaba Reviews 2020

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Is Alibaba Safe, Legit or Reliable?

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Overall, Alibaba has a great platform for buying and selling. That being said, the amount of complaints from undelivered products and scam sellers is still pretty high, considering how big Alibaba has grown. They do have some systems in place to help deal with these fraudulent sellers, but I feel more needs to be done. My recommendation is to do your research before you buy, and know who you are buying from. If they don’t have good feedback or seem like a scam, don’t buy from those sellers. You can still find great deals at, but you must be aware of who you are buying from.

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PROS for Alibaba Reviews
Alibaba is one of the more well-known platforms for wholesale trade at the global level. They provide services for both buyers and sellers alike. Their platform is very simple and easy to use, and allows sellers to reach a global scale. For the buyer’s, Alibaba provides millions of products in over 40 categories. Alibaba also provides a Trade Assurance program which promises 100% product quality, on-time shipment, and payment protection. They also have an order management portal where you can track your shipping. Alibaba also developed a business identity program to help battle fraud and scam sellers, which has been a problem on their site.

  • Free Trade Assurance Program (100% Satisfaction on Quality, Shipment, and Payment)
  • Millions of Products in Over 40 Categories
  • Order Management Portal to Track Orders and Transactions
  • Business Identity Program to Help Battle Fraud and Scams

CONS for Alibaba Reviews
While Alibaba has created an excellent platform for an international wholesale and trade market, there are still some issues that need to be addressed. While talking with consumers about their purchases, I found that there are still a lot of fake companies or instances where items never ship. Until Alibaba can ensure that the companies you are buying from are legit, it would be wise to check thoroughly before you buy. This is not to discourage you from buying, but simply saying, do your research on a company before you buy from them. If there are no reviews or no purchases, it might be better to search for another company. The same goes for a company/seller that has a lot of negative feedback.

  • Still Have Scam Companies That Don’t Deliver
  • Need a Better System for Verifying Legit and Reliable Sellers

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