AquaVerve Reviews 2017

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PROS for AquaVerve Reviews
The website is a provider of high quality water dispensers and coolers that you are going to need for your home or office. Available here are two types of categories when it comes to dispensers: Bottled and bottle-less. You can have either or both of them operating at the same time if you so wish. All of their dispensers come with a 5 year warranty which has been mentioned in many AquaVerve reviews. The company also holds a rating of A+ in the Better Business Bureau website.

  • High-Quality Water Coolers and Dispensers
  • Bottled and Bottle-less Dispenser Choices
  • 5 Year Warranty on all Water Dispensers
  • A+ BBB Rating

CONS for AquaVerve Reviews
However, people should note that the company does have a strict no return policy in place. This means that they will not take responsibility for any damages that are the cause of delivery or error on the manufacturer’s part. The company is simply a distributor of these products and does not manufacture the items themselves. Aside from that, you can’t expect to read any reviews about them since they do not have an accreditation from the BBB.

  • Strict No Return Policy
  • Lacks BBB Accreditation

9.1 Total Score

The website Aquaverve has been an online boutique that was created to provide people with the highest quality water coolers and dispensers for their needs. Their choices range from those that are ideal for use at home and for those for commercial purposes. The products they offer include stylish water coolers such as the S2, stainless steel, the Cima, made from the finest Canadian cherry wood and many others.

Having said the pros and cons about the site in the AquaVerve reviews, we can say that they are still a legit and reliable provider when it comes to quality water dispensers and coolers. Whether you wish to use bottled or bottle-less dispensers, you will find the style and fit for you here. Aside from that, they can also be used at home or for commercial purposes.

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