Is Cosme-De Fake or Legit? | Cosme-De Review 2019

Save 50% off Cosme-de
Is Cosme-De Fake or Legit? | Cosme-De Review 2019
Is Cosme-De Fake or Legit? | Cosme-De Review 2019
Save 50% off Cosme-de

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6.9 Total Score
4 reviews

There are many reasons why you should check out the website now. As mentioned in this Cosme-De review, you will find a lot of categories in which their products are being based. You can even find things for men such as deodorants, perfumes, essential sets, body wash, creams, after shaves and lotions. Folks will surely find something that they are going to need in order to feel good and improve their overall appeal here. Why don't you go and visit now and see what kind of products they have for sale at this time.

6.9Expert Score
Is Legit & Safe?
Is Reliable?
7 Guarantee
6 Prices
7.5 Hidden Fees
9.5 Shipping Cost
5.5 Shipping Delivery
5 Help & Support
6.2User's score
Is Legit & Safe?
Is Reliable?
5.5 Guarantee
5.2 Prices
8 Hidden Fees
5.2 Shipping Cost
8 Shipping Delivery
8 Help & Support
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Is Cosme-De Fake,
or Legit & Authentic Today?

Pros: Cosme-de Review

Here at Cosme-De, you can purchase things under categories like makeup, skincare, fragrances, hair care, personal care and many more.

You can even shop by brand or enter the keyword for the website’s search feature to find what you are looking for.

Each of the products that have been listed here has their own individual item page that will have their own descriptions, images as well as other information to help people decide on their purchase.

You can also take advantage of the free shipping that they offer for orders that go above $60 right now.

Cons: Cosme-de Review

One negative aspect that is going to be mentioned in this Cosme-De review is that the company will not be the one to bear the costs of the return shipping for people that wish to process a refund.

This fee is going to be incurred by the user and is not going to be compensated by them in any way.

That will mean additional expenses if somehow you have made an error or wish to change your order as you have received it.

That is why it is very important to double-check on all of your items before finalizing them.

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  • Is Cosme-De fake or a real website today?
  • Are Cosme-De Skii ii fake?
  • How are Cosme-De products and quality?
  • Is Cosme-De legit and safe site for skincare products?
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  1. 4.85
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    100 Guarantee
    100 Prices
    100 Hidden Fees
    100 Shipping Cost
    100 Shipping Delivery
    100 Help & Support

    I would recommend this website! I bought from Cosme-de three times and I’m totally satisfied with the products!

    + PROS: Genuine products! Well packaged! Fast processing! Great price!
    - CONS: Customer service is not good!
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  2. 1.4
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    10 Guarantee
    10 Prices
    60 Hidden Fees
    10 Shipping Cost
    60 Shipping Delivery
    60 Help & Support

    I ordered 2 products I am VERY used to: my shampoo and a mask.
    Both arrived in a slightly different packaging than usual:
    Shampoo Leonor Greyl: non-glossy box, logo missing on the shampoo bottle, doesn’t smell exactly the same and after 3 usages: doesn’t do the same at all!
    Mask Sisley: non-glossy box, same celled tube, same product color and non-smelly product but again after 2 usages: doesn’t do the same at all!

    I contacted the shampoo brand to check if genuine reseller: they can’t guarantee it as they are not in their files! They are currently investigating.
    Still waiting for the Mask company to come back to me.

    + PROS: fast delivery but useless if fake...
    - CONS: not sure genuine. reseller currently unknown by the 2 brands I purchased...
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