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To conclude, Dropbox is one of the better choices for all of your cloud storage needs and provides a great system to do so. The availability of your documents on almost any kind of device is a great advantage, as well as the seamless syncing of files. As far as team members collaborating on a document, the live edits and updates are huge plus and help Dropbox stand out from the competition. At Dropbox.com, they provide a simple and easy to understand graphic of how it works, and what kind of tiers of service they offer, as far as storage and upload amounts and limits.

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PROS for Dropbox Reviews
Dropbox is one of the more popular cloud based storage tools that allows for nearly seamless file-synchronization. What’s great about Dropbox is that you can save your files on one device, and then access them on another. They recently made some changes to how their files are shared, and they now allow people with access to edit documents, while the updates are made live. The advantages of storing priceless pictures and videos as well as team collaboration documents and presentations, are that you will never lose a file again and you can be connected like never before. Dropbox is available for free initially, on almost every platform including Windows, Mac, Linux, Iphone, Android, and Blackberry. The other thing that Dropbox provides is high level security and encryption, so you can be assured your files are safe.

  • Seamless File Synchronization
  • Available on Most Devices and Platforms
  • 2 GB Free Space (Earn More by Referrals)
  • Dependability & History of Actions
  • Retrieval of Deleted Files
  • Safe & Secure

CONS for Dropbox Reviews
There is really only one drawback that I was able to find after both reviewing and personally using Dropbox.com. Once you get over certain limit, than the costs of storage start to add up. That being said, every other cloud storage service has the same kind of policies. The other drawback some customers complained about was the overall structure of where files are located. Dropbox has addressed these issues and made it simpler to find where your documents are stored.

  • Costs for Larger Storage Limits

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