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Overall, EfoodsDirect is a good company to buy from. Their products are high quality and healthy. They are able to offer the best prices getting products straight from the source. They work to provide excellent packaging and products that have a very long shelf life. This is super convenient, especially for customers that save the food as emergency rations. Most of their meals are very easy to prepare usually requiring only water. They also only take 20 minutes to make. There is a lot to like about EfoodsDirect when it concerns survival food and equipment as well as emergency food rations. You can find more information and products on eFoodsDirect.com, as well as FAQs, and recipes for different foods.

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PROS for EfoodsDirect Reviews
EfoodsDirect is a company that provides a variety of food and survival kits. They have food storage planning packs and emergency food kits for surviving natural disasters. Most of their food is packaged to save space and have a shelf life of up to 25 years. EfoodsDirect purchases their ingredients directly from the source, which means they can offer you the lowest prices. They also have a very helpful recipe page, and blog that offers advice on survival, how to weather a natural disaster, and alternative power options such as solar power. Their foods are high quality and do not contain artificial ingredients. They also source all of their ingredients from GAP certified growers. This means that the ingredients were grown responsibly and without harmful pesticides and herbicides.

  • 20 Day Money Back Guarantee (Minus 15% Restocking Fee)
  • Lower Prices Compared to Competitors
  • Food Sourced from GAP certified Growers
  • All Meals Take 20 Minutes or Less
  • Safe & Secure Checkout

CONS for EfoodsDirect Reviews
There are a few drawbacks to EfoodsDirect.com. They have shipping fees on most of their products, unless otherwise stated. They also charge a restocking fee for returning or cancelling items which 15% of the order. You will still get your refund, but only 85% of the total order. This means, you should order small at first and test the product out if possible. They have products that are smaller and able to be tested out before you buy in bulk.

  • Shipping Fees
  • 15% Return Fee

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