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ezCertifications Reviews 2020

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Is ezCertifications Legit, Safe or Reliable?

PROS for ezCertifications Reviews
Here at EzCertifications.com, people can get the online training that they need in order to get ahead of their competition or in their personal career. Training programs that are being offered here vary and are numerous. You can find courses here in project management, enterprise architecture, quality control, agile, information security and even in business analysis. They will also provide their clients with the certifications that they need to become verified in their training courses. To learn more, continue reading the EzCertifications review provided below.

  • Online Training Website
  • Multiple Training Courses
  • Certifications Provided

CONS for ezCertifications Reviews
The only problem that will be mentioned in this EzCertifications review is that the EZCertifications.com does not refund people if they cancel a training program they have applied to within 7 days before it commences. This means that you won’t get the money that you paid for back if you are backing out in a few days time. It is important to be aware of this before you buy to avoid confusion.

  • No Refunds within 7 Days

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Having said the things in the EZ Prints reviews, many people have said that being a safe and reliable website to transact with, they can always be guaranteed to obtain the prints that they are looking for today. Their 100% guarantee makes for a very appealing offer especially since most customers that will be dealing with them is going to be through the web.

Is ezCertifications Legit & Safe?
Is ezCertifications Reliable?
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  1. I took their PMP class 2 years ago which last minute they canceled the location in Seattle and asked if I would travel to San Diego for a class down there. They paid the expenses, so I did travel and attended the class. Instructor seemed to be very knowledgeable about the PMP training, however he was contracted to work for EZcertifications fairly last minute. So it makes me question the company’s planning for scheduling classes.

    Fast forward two years. I never did take my test for the PMP certification, so I inquired about attending an online course. I was told that I could at no cost, but after numerous attempts to schedule with the representative I was working with, I stopped receiving responses. Maybe EZcertifications is going out of business? Very disappointing in the lack of customer service.

  2. The online training I had for project management was very good in content and delivery. The attendee list was impressive. It was valid for my certification application. However, their event management and financial department/customer service needs WORK. Up until the last minute, they didn’t know the venue (City only). It was determined (within maybe a week’s time) of the actual location after much follow up. Then, that same week they cancelled it as an classroom training and gave me the option to participate online. I had already rearranged my work/travel schedule; so I had no choice. I was promised a Surface for my troubles and the difference of the online vs. classroom training credit (About $300). To this day, I have not received either despite email trail and several follow ups. They have given me one excuse/promise after another. They tell you that they are transferring you to New York to their Finance department, but it all seems very questionable.

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