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PROS for ForSaleByOwner Reviews
The site is one of the best places that people can visit right now if they are looking to buy or sell a house. Available here are all of the tools that you need to have your house advertised, listed and sold to the right buyers. You don’t have to worry about selling properties here, as the company will eventually search for real estate agents for you. What makes this even better is that they offer people live customer support which has been praised in many ForSaleByOwner reviews.

  • Online Real Estate Listings
  • A Rating & Accredited by BBB
  • Live Customer Support
  • Buyer’s Guide Provided

CONS for ForSaleByOwner Reviews
There are issues with publishing listings in the website that you can read in some reviews. Several of their past clients have filed complaints in the BBB website regarding delays in putting up their listing, especially during the time they needed it the most. You can read more about them via the site and there are also other complaints there, although not very serious. You might want to check them out to learn before you decide to transact with the website.

  • Delays in Placing Listings

9.2 Total Score

The site is one of the leading places where people can buy and sell houses right now. They provide people with all of the tools that they need in order to save on cost when buying properties. Aside from that, you can even take advantage of their listings which will guarantee that you are able to sell off your property in no time.

Now that you have read these things, we can still say that the site is one of the ideal places for you to visit if you want to sell or buy a house. There are numerous listings being offered here regularly and is a great way for you to save on other expenses. All of the forms that you are going to need can be provided by the website and there is even a buyer’s guide for interested buyers. That is why the ForSaleByOwner reviews are quite positive at this time.

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