Gozengo Reviews 2017 : Is Gozengo.com Legit, Reliable & a Safe Website?

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Gozengo.com is a website that allows people to book and place reservations on places such as Cancun, Jamaica, Aruba, Puerto Vallarta and many more for their dream vacation or getaway. The company behind them offers a quick and easy reservation process that will let you have your tickets ready without much waiting. They offer the cheapest rates as well and have a guarantee that if you find another that offers a much lower price, then they will deduct this from your total expense. That is why there have been many positive Gozengo reviews lately with regards to their services.

  • Quick and Easy Booking Process
  • Cheapest Rates Guaranteed
  • Hassle-Free Services
  • Romantic and Family Vacations
  • Casino and Spa Experiences

A drawback that needs to be mentioned is that Gozengo.com does not have a rating or accreditation under the Better Business Bureau. Getting either of these two are important because it helps improve your overall reputation and standing among new customers. People would like to read the Gozengo.com reviews from others that have tried their services through the BBB website.

  • Has No Rating under the BBB

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  1. Gozengo has gone belly up. I made a $2,400 deposit on my Honeymoon and now someone else is managing their reservations. I still have thousands of dollars due and don’t feel comfortable paying it off. My Bride To Be is beyond upset. THANKS GOZENGO!!

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