HealthTap Reviews 2018

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HealthTap Reviews 2018
HealthTap Reviews 2018
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Now that we have learned all these things from the HealthTap review, it is important that we know about what the website does before we go dealing with it. There are many reasons why people are seeking health advice right now and that is why there is this unique website like being provided to them at this time. With the tips and experience that the doctors from the website offers, they can really help a lot of people go through their daily lives and live a better life as well.

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About: Review

Here at HealthTap, people gain access to a website where fresh knowledge from a growing database that is being curated, created, modified and organized by the doctors themselves.

There are more than 68,000 other doctors around the world who have used the website in order to share their knowledge with other people.

It is possible to gain access to answers, tips, news, medication reviews and even apps that doctors recommend when you deal with the website right now.

To learn more about the company before you sign up, continue to read the HealthTap review provided below.

Pros: HealthTap Review

One of the best things about HealthTap right now is that the website offers a one-stop location for people to gather the information that they need for their health.

Whether it is with regards to an ailment that they are currently feeling or to learn tips on how they should go about living a healthy life, you will surely find the health advice you are looking for here.

The website is also a very trusted place to go to because it is being constantly updated by licensed and professional doctors from around the world.

You may want to follow the advice of this HealthTap review and check out the website after reading this.

  • One-Stop Information
  • Virtual Consultation
  • Safe & Secure Website
  • Licensed And Professional Doctors

Cons: HealthTap Review

The only negative aspect about the is that there isn’t much information about the company in general that is managing everything in this database.

It would be great to know who takes care of the web development and how the company operates in order to be more confident on the services that they offer.

There are also many other reasons why people would like to learn about the company they will be dealing with first before they do so, which is why having a lot of information about the firm online would be really useful.

  • Some Complaints of Delayed Doctor Responses


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    Is Legit & Safe?
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    10 Prices
    10 Hidden Fees
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    0 Shipping Delivery
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    I felt I could trust the service to prescribe an effective dosage to treat a simple UTI (bladder) infection. The doctor prescribed 250 mg of Cipro, 2x per day, for 3 days. Didn’t work and I was told I’d have to pay another $49 for another consult to have the prescription filled at the level it should have been filled to begin with. Went to urgent care and the doctor said to effectively treat the infection would be 500 mg , 2x per day, for ten days with the Cipro. Checked with my primary care provider and his past prescriptions were of the same 500/2x/10 days as prescribed by the urgent care doctor. In addition, I asked the original pharmacist as well and he said he was surprised of the initial prescription as well. They must make their money by ineffectively treating so that you must come back. I spent $49 when I could have had the proper diagnosis done at no charge through health insurance but I was in extreme pain and am on bed rest with a broken ankle healing from major surgery and figured this should be a siimple prescription to take care of the problem and $49 would be worth dragging my ankle around town. Not so!

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