Kurbo Reviews 2017

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Is Kurbo Legit, Safe or Reliable?

Kurbo.com is a website that offers health coaching and a mobile weight loss program for kids, teens and even families nowadays. They have a mobile app that can help kids and teens to reach their goals in order to lose weight, stay healthy and keep up their exercising habits. What makes this even better is that the company bases their research from Stanford and many leading universities at this time. To learn more about them and their processes, why don’t you continue to read the Kurbo review provided below.

  • Weight Loss for Kids & Teens
  • Mobile App
  • Convenient Program
  • Healthy Alternative

The only negative aspect about the Kurbo.com that is going to be mentioned in the Kurbo review is that the app that they provide can only be downloaded via the US App Store. This means that people living in other countries may not be able to access the app for their benefit. There is however a workaround that one can do in order to take advantage of this.

  • Only Available in the US

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With that being said, you can learn a lot about the company in this Kurbo review provided. It is important to read about what they have to offer first before you decide on paying for their services. Keep in mind however that the app Kurbo.com provides can only be downloaded at the US App store at this time. You will want to keep this in mind before you make your decision.

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  1. In three weeks we’ve never received a coach call. Big disappointment, cancelling after first month.

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