LugLoc Reviews 2018

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LugLoc Reviews 2018
LugLoc Reviews 2018
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For those that suffer from luggage separation anxiety, LugLoc is the answer. With the ability to track your luggage for up to 15 days in the ON mode, you can have peace of mind knowing where your luggage is in real-time. Overall, LugLoc offers a unique product that can help you locate your luggage at any time. This can be especially helpful when the airline loses your luggage. Lost luggage is an too common occurrence, and LugLoc can help you find exactly where it is. With minimal fees for each trace, it is great option for those looking at different luggage tracking devices. At they have an easy-to-follow explanation of how it works, along with customer testimonials.

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PROS for LugLoc Reviews
Lugloc is an innovative and convenient way to track your luggage from anywhere. There are no fees for activating LugLoc or membership fees. The way LugLoc works is that you only pay for what you use. They have a convenient app for mobile devices, where you can track your luggage at any time. Another great thing is that the batteries on the locator will last 15 days in the on mode. This is great, especially for those people that are doing multi-destination, flying with long layovers, or don’t have a way to charge/replace the batteries. Users can also use Bluetooth when the luggage is close by to track their luggage. An example would be trying to locate your luggage at the baggage claim.

  • Real-Time Location Tracking
  • Pay Only for What You Use
  • No Activation or Membership Fees
  • 15 Day Battery Life in ON Mode (Rechargeable)
  • Proprietary App (For Iphone & Android Devices Only)
  • Safe & Secure

CONS for LugLoc Reviews
There really are no drawbacks with using except for the cost. There is a cost for the amount of time you are using the location service. However, if the contents of the luggage are a necessity in your line of work, or for your travels, the costs associated with LugLoc are well worth it. There is an added extra piece of mind, especially when lost luggage has only become more common.

  • Tracing Fees

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