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Is Maine Lobster Now Legit, Reliable & Good Today?

What I Like:
Maine Lobster Now Review

Here at the website Maine Lobster Now, people can buy the freshest lobsters that they are looking for right now. The company holds an A+ rating from the BBB and is accredited by the same company due to the positive Maine Lobster reviews they received in the past. All of the lobsters that you order here have been hand-picked by their experts to ensure that their customers get the best choices. You can also find monthly specials here that will help you save on cost when you buy at the website.

    • Order Maine Lobster Online
    • A+ BBB Accredited Business
    • Hand-Picked Lobsters
    • Monthly Specials


What I Didn’t Like:
Maine Lobster Now Review

The only drawback about the company is that there have been Maine Lobster Now reviews about them with regards to delayed shipment arrivals. Many of their customers have filed complaints in the BBB that you can read right now regarding this. It is important to be aware of this since you might end up buying here and having it sent as a gift only to be delayed. You might want to ensure that everything is okay by talking to their customer service after purchase.

    • Issues on Delayed Deliveries
About The Company
Maine Lobster Now Review is a leading online store that specializes in providing fresh lobster choices to customers. Not only that, they can also buy shellfish and fresh fish here at the website. People can buy the seafood products that they need here and expect to receive them shortly. You can browse their seafood selections now and see for yourself what they have to offer.

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  1. Super bad experience with this site. Ordered to the tune of $187.00 for a first time trial order. Two promotions were being offered. Please keep in mind I wasn’t unhappy with the first one if you order $100.00 or more free delivery. The second one was $20.00 of for first time order. When I called in and questioned the reason for not honoring the $20.00 off, the very snarky customer service manager (Brandon) stated that these promotions can’t be combined. I explained to him that I understand, but this promotion failed to state that fact. Brandon immediately stated it was company policy and essentially tough luck. When I requested he escalate this to a higher authority, he stated he was at the top and no further person was available. I insisted at this point to talk or communicate with another and he again said he was the Apex of the company. At this point I felt like he was toying with me or lying. Either way it seemed not to matter to Brandon. He said I’ll cancel your order if you like. Seriously over a marketing error on your part. $20.00 dollars seriously! Avoid this site. Plenty others doing the same service with the same product.

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    I purchase lobsters from Maine Lobster Now and they shipped them quickly and the sizes were as ordered. Unfortunatly when they arrived 2 of the 8 ordered were already dead. I was able to cook the sleepers off as soon as they came and serve them for the dinner the next night and not loose them but they should come alive when being shipped overnight. I have purchased a lot of lobsters over the years that were delivered to Colorado for restaurants so i know how they should arrive. Whoever packs their lobsters did it very sloppily and with one strand of seaweed, which was a joke. It looked like they just threw a pile of lobsters in the box.

    + PROS: Lobsters came on time and the correct size and when i had a question, they were quick to get back to me with answers.
    - CONS: 25% of the lobsters came in dead and i believe that this was caused by the way they were packed.
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