MissHamptons.com Reviews 2017

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Is MissHamptons.com Legit, Good & Reliable?

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People that are looking to purchase summer shoes and sunglasses for their vacation can visit the website MissHamptons.com to find the women’s accessories that they need. Available in their website are handcrafted products such as sunglasses and shoes that are made using high-quality materials. These items are made by experts in Spain and can deliver them to your doorstep upon placing an order. There are important tips provided on their website including an online size guide which has been praised in the Miss Hamptons Sunglasses reviews lately.

  • Authentic Sunglass and Shoe Designs
  • Orders Received within 2-5 Business Days
  • 100% Cotton Espadrilles
  • Handcrafted by Experts from Spain
  • Online Size Guide

A couple of drawbacks that has been mentioned in the MissHamptons.com reviews would be that there is a clear lack of a guarantee or warranty provided in their website. The only instruction provided for any issues is that you should contact their customer support. This could mean that returns and refunds can be made depending on the situation of the client. Aside from that, you cannot find a record MissHamptons.com under the Better Business Bureau as well which could really help improve their reputation as an online provider if they did.

  • Lacks Product Guarnatee/Warranty
  • No Record on BBB.org Website

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