Mountain Travel Sobek Reviews 2017

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Is MtSobek Good, Safe & Reputable?

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Summary wants to make your next trip, outing, or expedition, the best yet. From African Safari Tours to Arctic Treks, they truly have it all. They often have lodgings as the locals would live, which really adds to the authenticity of your journey. For instance in the African Safari Trip, they have large tents you can stand up in and walk around, while in Italy, you may find yourself in one of the hillside farmhouses. MTS has received several awards for their travels in recent years cementing them as one of the top adventure companies, tour operators, and safari outfitters.

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Mountain Travel Sobek is one of the best adventure travel companies, providing trips for all occasions and many unique and exotic destinations. With a rich heritage of explorers, adventurers, and climbers, they are sure to offer whatever kind of expedition you desire. They have expert guides, so you can be assured that you are in experienced and safe hands. Mountain Travel Sobek makes safety a priority on all trips, and that you have an experience of a lifetime. They offer both private travel opportunities, and group trips. They have a Guaranteed Departures tab on their website for the remaining year, which is awesome for those looking for that last minute adventure.

  • Adventure Trips Around the World
  • Expert Guides on Each Trip
  • Private Trips Available
  • 45+ Years of Adventure Travel Experience
  • Preferred Travel Outfitter: National Geographic Adventures, Times Journeys

One negative I found is that Mountain Travel Sobek doesn’t offer full refunds for some of their trips. This is because they sometimes have to purchase special permits well in advance for that particular trip. Take note that this is not the case for all trips. The best place to find all the answers to questions you have is on the site in their FAQ’s which is under the Why MTS tab.

  • Trip Cancellation Fees

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