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Nextiva Reviews 2017

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Is Nextiva good, secure or safe?

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After reviewing Nextiva and the services they offer, I came away thoroughly impressed. Not only are they used by over 100,000 businesses, several of them are well-known including Target, Burger King, Allstate, Conan, Delta Airlines, Century 21, Gold’s Gym, Acura and IBM. If these companies trust Nextiva with all their VoIP systems and are doing well, it would only make sense that their service is legit, reliable and definitely worth it. Their starter plans are very affordable, even for small businesses that don’t have a lot of room of extra expenses. Most businesses find that they make up the money that they spend on Nextiva, through expert decisions based on analytics, and a platform to help manage all of the devices and data from anywhere.

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PROS for Nextiva Reviews 2017
Nextiva is the all-encompassing VoIP phone system built on the NEXTOS platform.  What they have done is truly amazing and allows businesses to manage all of their communications from one place.  If you are still a little skeptical, just look to the number of businesses served: 100,000 and growing.  Nextiva has received numerous awards for the service and commitment to provide the customer the best experience possible.  I like the fact that they don’t tie you down with lengthy contracts, but instead offer month to month payment plans.  The analytics from Nextiva can help your business to make educated decisions instead of blind guesses.  This advantage will help you to outperform your competitors, and understand better how your communications affect your overall business.  Lastly, each customer is automatically registered to the E-911 service, which sends all your information to the operator automatically in the case of an emergency.

  • Make and Receive Calls over Broadband
  • E-911 Service Sends Information to Operator in Emergency
  • Create and Record your own Personal Greeting
  • No Contracts for Service
  • Excellent Customer Service Staff
  • Powerful Analytics to Help Make Important Business Decisions
  • Manage and Access Your Phone System from Anywhere
  • No Setup Fees or Hidden Charges

CONS for Nextiva Reviews 2017
When looking through the Nextiva VoIP service, it was hard to find any knocks against them.  The only drawback that I could find was that their service can’t be used with a dial-up modem.  Nextiva requires that you have some sort of high speed internet in order for their platform to work.  If your business is located in a place that can’t get high speed internet, then it would be advisable to change your location, or figure out a way to get a reliable connection to the internet.  If you are still at the dial-up level of service, then Nextiva will not work at all, and you will only be able to use a regular phone.

  • Cannot be used with Dial-Up Modem

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