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With that being said in this review, you can now see why it is one of the best places to visit when you are looking for wallpapers, decals and other accessories for your home. Being stationed in York, PA, within the reputable factory building of York Wallcoverings, all of their employees are passionate, energetic and hardworking to provide its customers with the best when it comes to wallpapers and decals. You can visit their website or go to their physical location to see just how they make these wonderful designs that people crave.

9.5Expert Score
Is Legit & Safe?
Is RoommatesDecor.comy Reliable?
10 Guarantee
10 Prices
10 Hidden Fees
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8 Shipping Delivery
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Is Legit & Safe?
Is RoommatesDecor.comy Reliable?
2 Guarantee
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6 Hidden Fees
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2 Shipping Delivery
2 Help & Support
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What makes a great website to buy all of your wall decals is that they put a huge priority when it comes to quality. They have staff members who are dedicated in providing only the best services and assortment of designs not found anywhere else in the nation. Before accepting any wall decal, they make sure that these products go through difficult testing to make sure that they all meet the safety and high performance standards that they were made to achieve. Aside from that, this review also mentions the affordable prices that the company aims to give for all of its products. You can’t ask for anything more from such a company today!

  • 30 Day Guarantee
  • Rigorous Quality Testing
  • Numerous Designs Available
  • Allows Customization

The only bad thing that we can see regarding is that you are not allowed to return customized wall decals once they have been ordered and shipped. This means that you will have to make sure that the colors, spelling, grammar and all other desired elements in your design have everything that you need. As being unique, the company will not accept these items to be returned no matter the reason once you have ordered them in their website. You might want to keep this in mind before customizing your decals.

  • Customized Designs Are Non-Refundable

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  1. 1.65
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is RoommatesDecor.comy Reliable?
    20 Guarantee
    20 Prices
    60 Hidden Fees
    60 Shipping Cost
    20 Shipping Delivery
    20 Help & Support

    Terrible customer service for me. I ordered a large order a week ago. I got an email today saying that, due to a glitch in their system, my payment never processed. I was expecting to have already received my order and now it is to late for my intended purpose. They didnt offer a discount or anything, just a “sorry, this doesn’t usually happen”.

    + PROS: Good products.
    - CONS: Terrible customer service.
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  2. I recently ordered a custom wall decal. I was so excited for it, being that it was for my baby girl’s room. I ordered it with “no background” meaning that it’d be printed on clear, so that you could see the wall color through the decal. It came in and had a white background. I got in touch with customer service, at which point they did nothing to rectify the situation. They said I can make another purchase, and that is that, but they will not accept my return. In my opinion, good customer service would have bitten the bullet and fixed this problem. It’s not like I ordered pink and decided I wanted purple, or misspelled something. I ordered no background, and it showed up on white. Again, I can’t stress how excited I was for this item. I’m not rich. I come from a normal hardworking family, who struggles to make ends meet. I feel as though the $5 (and that’s probably an overestimation), it may take them to actually print this for me, is not that serious that they need me to pay another 40 plus shipping.

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