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Now that we know all about that in this review, the store company is truly one of the best Canada has to offer right now. You will be able to shop for appliances, home decor, kitchenware, children's accessories and many more via their website. Customers don't have to go directly to the store to get the items that they want because they can already do their browsing and shopping online. Of course, you will just have to keep in mind about the shipping fee in order to avoid any confusion when checking out with your order.

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What makes shopping at really productive for customers is that it has a lot of useful products that any household would really need. You can search their home category to find children’s beds, home decor, lighting, kitchenware, rugs and wallpapers. Their outdoor sections provides drills, sanders, ladders, hand tools and even woodworking equipment if needed. There are many more items available that are not mentioned in this review. It is up to you to find out more by checking out their website.

  • Return Guarantee
  • Safe & Secure Checkout
  • Numerous Deals Available
  • Order Tracking System
  • Delivers Anywhere in Canada

A small but negative aspect that customers would like to know when shopping at is that they have a shipping fee unlike many other online stores today. People will be charged a low $3.95 for orders that can be shipped in over 1,300 catalog locations all over Canada. This charge is non-refundable as well so customers will have to ensure that the location of the products they are sending to are correct. The Sears pick up location will hold the items delivered there for up to 15 days and may be transferred if it takes more than that.

  • No Refunds for Handling and Shipping

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