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Overall, Shein is worth a try, but follow are tips below. If you live outside Asia expect items take ship in 1-3 months. There has been some complaints of low quality material, so checking sellers reputation may help. Also, make sure to take your measurements before placing your order as they tend to run on the small side. Another good source we look is the customer feedback below, which is much appreciated and you can get further answers on if SheIn clothing is legit, reliable and if SheIn’s a good website.

5.1Editor's score
Is Shein Legit & Safe?
Is Shein Reliable?
Shein Guarantee
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Is Shein Legit & Safe?
Is Shein Reliable?
Shein Guarantee
Shein Prices
Shein Hidden Fees
Shein Shipping Cost
Shein Shipping Delivery
Shein Help & Support
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  • Check out the sales items up to 80% off first and only get 1-3 items to start.
  • Choose items that only have reviews (picture reviews even better).
  • Some items might say “ships in 24 hours,” which would help speed up the shipping.
  • You can dispute most issues and get a refund by using PayPal or PayPal Prepaid Mastercard.
  • Still not sure? Try these stores: GoJane, Gliks or StylesForLess.


Spending over $30 nets buyers free shipping, and further discounts can be had with a twice-weekly presale where items on the site can be discounted by as much as 50% before they are listed officially.

Weekly Shein reviews allow everyone to be a fashion buyer with votes on what should be sold—and voting leads to chance to win presale items.

  • 30 Day Guarantee
  • Free Shipping Over $30
  • Secure Online Shopping
  • Easy Ordering


While the security of the guarantees is second to none, this does mean that tickets are priced higher than elsewhere, including the event organizers themselves. Coupled with the fact that ticket prices at are not fixed and can fluctuate.

The only way to get a guaranteed price is to purchase at that moment, users may want to keep a close eye on pricing to ensure that they get a good deal—or miss out and pay a lot more.

  • Shipping Can Take Longer (1-3 months outside Asia)
  • Sizes Can Vary (seem to run smaller)
  • Quality Can Be Low
  • Lengthy Return Process

Please leave your Shein review, feedback, or comments below. Thank you!

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    Marija Nad February 24, 2017 at 12:41 am
    Is Shein Legit & Safe?
    Is Shein Reliable?
    Shein Guarantee
    Shein Prices
    Shein Hidden Fees
    Shein Shipping Cost
    Shein Shipping Delivery
    Shein Help & Support

    I ordered 6 items from SheIn sometime in November 2016. The quality of the service was good. I found the staff really attentive (thus a 2 star rating). I had to return 4 items out of 6 because the items were of poor quality in both workmanship and fabric, and because the sizing was all wrong. Black wide leg pants I ordered in XL were really an S (size 8-10); a pair of sweat pants and a pair of herring pants were too small, even though the items were advertised as “all size”; a dress I ordered was actually too big and the colour of it differed from the picture. Whilst SheIn have a return and refund policy, they do not cover postage. To return the 4 items to an address in US (even though the items were delivered from China) was going to cost me over $80. I decided not to return the items, instead I tried to sell them on eBay at a minimum price, in hope of recovering some of my money. Only 2 items sold and I am still trying to sell the other two. But I think I might cut my losses and add the two items to my rubbish bin. I just can’t see them selling.

    + PROS: Good customer service, they do however work on a rating system.
    - CONS: Very poor quality clothing.
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    Jules January 16, 2017 at 3:32 am

    I have placed several orders with SHEIN, and in all honestly, am very pleased with them.
    Of all the items I’ve ordered (at least 6-8 items each, over 5 orders so far), maybe two disappointed due to size. However, i have a teenage daughter who doesn’t mind receiving them 😉
    So far I’ve loved the quality of everything. Very well made, and better quality than expected (but like I said, I’m a stickler for the reviews.), better than F21, or Ardene. I’ve also made it a point to review my articles, and add my own photographs as well.
    One set of makeup brushes came in with a strong, chemical plastic smell, but it was the vinyl case (a few days outside fixed this). I was worried about a purse I ordered having the same problem, but it had zero smell. Each item of clothing comes in its own plastic envelope (some like ziploc), and main packaging is kept as a bare minimum.
    Though I would suggest they teach their packers how to ship hats without bending them out of shape.
    If an item is very popular, it might take longer to process (as n it might still be in production), but if you’re patient, it will get to you.
    If you’re buying with intent to wear it all on a trip, or to a special occasion in two weeks, don’t. Unless you’re in China, you will not get delivered on time…
    Good customer service so far, especially via the app, they usually respond within 24 hours.

    A few tips:
    1. Read the item description and sizing properly. An XL from SHEIN can sometimes pass as a M elsewhere. (I’m a 10-12 U.S., so usually need the XL, XXL).
    2. I almost only ever buy items with reviews and/or customer photos.
    3. The %40-%45-%50 OFF COUPONS; when you add the code, the total amount will be adjusted to that percentage off. Example: if the item was already %25 off, SHEIN will make your new amount %40-%45-%50 off of the original price. Unless the item sale price already exceeds the coupon amount. So if it’s %80 off, it’ll stay %80 off.
    4. The additional %off coupons only apply on set amounts spent. You’ll need to spend about $250 USD before being able to use the %50 off coupon.
    5. Even if it says 3-5 days processing, these are huge warehouses, it could take twice as long to find it all, depending on how many items you’ve ordered.
    6. Duty fees are not SHEIN’s fault, but has to do with importation from one country to another. It’s the buyers responsibility, not the sellers.
    7. SHEIN has a instagram account, follow it to see photos from satisfied customers.
    Hope this helps.

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    candie January 5, 2017 at 5:51 am

    just worry I read so many bad reviews about this site, hope my order turn out ok, any way this is my first time ordering and the company offer 40% off first time buyer didn’t know that when you use any coupon they offer the price of the merchandise change to whatever full price not the price advertise, so if you order a dress and its price at 25.00 if you use a coupon that offer the dress then goes back to 35.00 so it like there really not offing any discount. for me I WON’T BE USING THIS SITE AGAING SO MANY OTHER SITE OFFER COUPON THAT ACTUALLY TAKE OFF A % OF THE sale price not the original price……

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    angela December 14, 2016 at 1:24 am

    wow i ordered 5 dresses off this site for my daughter 140.then i read these reviews so glad i ordered befor reading.the dresses took 9 days to get here and there exactly like the pics,love them and most definitley will buy again.

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    Anan December 3, 2016 at 5:57 am

    I believe buying American!! Sorry !! I refuse to get something from China! People who live in America buy American!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Reply
      LC2017 December 11, 2016 at 7:59 pm

      Lol half of the stuff you probably wear, eat and live on most likely came from China. People like you are so oblivious that you think you actually have a choice. Half of the stuff in your closet comes from overseas and you don’t even know.

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