SpoofCard Reviews 2018

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SpoofCard Reviews 2018
SpoofCard Reviews 2018
Save 25% off SpoofCard

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SpoofCard.com is one of those websites that you’d like to try out as spoofing a call can be useful in certain situations. It will allow you to pull off friendly pranks with people you know or get you out of a tight situation. This SpoofCard review is intended for you to learn that there are also tools like these that people can use for various reasons. Just make sure that you have read everything listed in their terms of agreement so that there won’t be any issues that you will encounter in the future.

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About: SpoofCard.com Review

SpoofCard.com is a unique tool which will let a person keep an anonymous profile whenever they make calls.

It is done using the multiple features which is mentioned in this SpoofCard.com review.

One of its best features is the capability for users to make use of any number as theirs.

The website is a subsidiary of TelTech Systems which is located in New Jersey, USA.

This company’s main passion is to provide its customers with creative development when it comes to cellular phone technology and communication devices.

Pros: SpoofCard Review

There are many benefits that this SpoofCard review will enumerate.

First is that you are able to disguise the number you are using into just about anyone else’s number.

This will let other people think that the one calling them is someone else.

The next is that you can use its group spoofing feature to add many individuals into the call making it more effect when needed.

You can even include background noises if you wish such as the sounds people hear in a traffic jam or in a night club.

There are many other features that you can take advantage of if you get SpoofCard now.

  • Disguise Your Number
  • Call Voice Changing
  • Background Noises
  • Group Calls

Cons: SpoofCard Review

Although there are terms set forth in the SpoofCard.com, there are some people who may still use SpoofCard’s features in malicious, threatening or abusive ways.

This means that you can receive calls from people in return who will make up false lies, harass you or cause you grief.

That is why it is important as well that customers read the terms that the website has put forth in order to avoid any problems with the law.

Be sure that you understand everything listed there and in this SpoofCard.com review or you may end up paying a fine if not worse.

  • Warranty is Only for Billing Disputes
  • Others Can Use SpoofCard on You

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  1. I bought spoofcard because it seemed to indicate that I could use any phone number I chose. I assume that is not offered because it is illegal? Members of my family & friends were spoofed in a negative manner, thinking the messages came from my wife. No one believes that she was spoofed and there are hard feelings. I was trying to duplicate it using spoofcard but can’t perform it the same way. I did send some messages to my daughter and here fiancée: To Fiancee – DJ, I loved the roses but next time could you send orchids? Wendy. To Daughter – Wendy, Are you crazy? Do you know how much orchids cost? I also send a text to my grandson: Austin, Where can I buy orchids on the cheap? All three live in the same house and will hopefully be amused. I hope I can convince them that type of spoofing done previously was possible and repair some of the emotional resentment.

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