Surfeasy Reviews 2018

Save 46% off Surfeasy
Surfeasy Reviews 2018
Surfeasy Reviews 2018
Save 46% off Surfeasy

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Is SurfEasy Good, Free or Safe?

8.1 Total Score

Overall, Surfeasy has built a very useful product that can prove valuable to anyone that gets online. Surfeasy is Free, but only up to the 500MB limit. You can be sure that SurfEasy is safe to use and legit because it has been featured on CNET, USATODAY, and CNN. This can also be backed up by the overwhelming and positive reviews of their services. Surfeasy has some great options as far as levels of service, so you can buy the amount of protection you need across multiple devices. At you can find helpful support tips, products they provide, testimonials, and much more.

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Pros: Surfeasy Review

Surfeasy is great solution for those looking to protect themselves while using the internet.

Surfeasy has some different options for plans depending on the level of protection that you need.

This feature is great because you will only pay for the features that you need.

They provide Bank Grade Encryption on their connections so you can surf the web with confidence that your information will remain private.

I really like that they have developed apps for virtually every device and computer, so you can use Surfeasy no matter which device you are using.

They do have a free version that you can take advantage of, but it is limited at 500MB. Surfeasy does have great customer service and helpful tips should you run into any issues.

Their VPN has received exceptional ratings averaging 4.5/5 stars.

  • 7 Day Risk Free Offer
  • Wi-Fi Security With Bank Grade Encryption
  • Identity Protection
  • Privacy Protection
  • Bypass Firewalls & Access Blocked Content
  • Apps for iOS, Android, Windows & Mac, Plus Browser add-ons
  • Ad-Tracker Removal & Ad Blocker Tools
  • Minimal Internet Speed Loss

Cons: Surfeasy Review

There were only two things that stood out to me as potential drawbacks.

Firstly, does offer a free version of the VPN as mentioned earlier.

Once you reach the limit you must then pay for the service to continue using it.

There is also the matter of price, depending on which level of service you choose.

The question you have to ask yourself is, how much are you willing to pay for protection and privacy while online?

If someone were to steal your personal and/or financial information, you could be out several thousand dollars.

If you pay a low monthly payment for Surfeasy’s service, you could completely avoid this debacle and go online with peace of mind knowing you are always protected.

  • Free Version is Limited to 500MB
  • Price (Can You Put a Price on Security?)

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