TaxAct Reviews 2017: Is TaxAct Safe, Reliable & Really Free?

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PROS for TaxAct Reviews 2017
TaxAct has been providing tax filing services for over 17 years. Their digital tax preparation solutions are an excellent choice for individuals and business owners alike. TaxAct provides different tiers of filing starting at $0 for federal and state taxes. That is an incredible value when you consider almost every other tax preparation company will charge for at least the state filing. Even their Premium tier filing is comparable to such big names like Turbotax. TaxAct offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you feel they haven’t performed as expected. They have Price Lock Guarantee from the time you start the application, meaning they won’t change the price on their service after you start. Another great service they have applies to finding a higher refund on a competitor’s site. This means that if you do find one, then TaxAct will pay your filing fees for you. They also guarantee that if there are any errors on your tax form and the IRS charges penalties and interest, they will pay both of those for you.

  • Free Federal and State Tax Returns, 1040 EZ/A Only
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Price Lock Guarantee from Start of Application
  • Maximum Refund Pledge (Will Pay Your Fees if You Find Cheaper)
  • Accuracy Guarantee: Will Pay IRS Penalties and Interest if Incorrect

CONS for TaxAct Reviews 2017
While TaxAct provides an exceptional service, they did have a few drawbacks. There is no way to receive a refund of your filing fees after you have submitted your taxes. That means that if you decide that you don’t like the service, you won’t be refunded for those filing fees. In 2017 TaxAct reviews from consumers revealed that TaxAct products weren’t really the price that they said they were. They additionally kept adding fees for things such as paying owed taxes ($15), receiving direct deposits, and itemizing deductions. TaxAct also has fairly poor mobile experience. Their mobile really needs improvement if they truly want to have satisfied customers, as mobile is the way of the future. Out of all the drawbacks, I really would like to see TaxAct improve upon being upfront and transparent about fees. In the long run, consumers will respect that honesty and stick with a company that doesn’t try to hide their fees. I expect that in tax year 2017, TaxAct will see a significant drop in users based on the previous year’s filing miscues and fees.

  • No Refund of Fees after Submission If You Cancel
  • Tax Year 2015 Included Several Hidden Fees
  • Mobile Compatibility and Support is Lacking

8.1 Total Score
TaxAct Reviews 2016: Summary

After thorough research of TaxAct, I can’t say that they are completely without fault. TaxAct used to be one of the best tax preparation services online, competing with the Turbotax, H&R Block, and TaxSlayer. However, their quality of service and hidden fees from 2015 has really put a dent in the perception as one of the leaders in the industry. This doesn’t mean that TaxAct isn’t completely off the table when considering tax filing services. My recommendation would be to understand that there are going to be added fees. I would fill out 2 different services, side by side, at the same time and choose the one that is cheaper after all the hidden fees are applied. I know Turbotax will also charge fees as well such as direct deposit fees, or requiring an upgrade to itemize deductions. If TaxAct is the cheaper option, I would highly recommend their service as they are very comparable to other top tax preparation companies.

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