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TeacherVision Reviews 2017

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 Is Teacher Vision Worth the Money?

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I was impressed by the professionalism of TeacherVision, the amount of quality resources they provide from quality content providers and the low annual price for the service. As a teacher, there already be so many other things to worry about, aside from the lesson plan, and resources used to aid in the teaching curriculum. With TeacherVision, teachers nationwide can be more prepared with high quality, engaging content that challenges students to learn and grow. I really like the templates, planners and calendars that come with the TeacherVision, and only add to the value for the teachers. Using TeacherVision can drastically cut down the time needed trying to find material, rather focusing on delivering the content to the students in the most effective manner.

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PROS for TeacherVision Reviews 2017
TeacherVision is an excellent resource for any teacher or instructor that has grades Pre-K up to 12th Grade. They have over 22,000 different resources including 16,000 printable worksheets. Their 7 day free trial will let you try to service for yourself, and help provide added value to your teaching curriculum. TeacherVision provides resources from top providers such as Pearson, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Penguin, and Jumpstart. The educational videos are an educational supplement that can help aid in the rapidly changing technology-based learning. Included from TeacherVision is high quality learning materials from DK, an award-winning content provider. The templates, planners, and calendars can help you stay organized and well prepared throughout the entire school year. The price for TeacherVision is a low annual fee of $39.95. I think this is an exceptionally good deal for the products you get and the time you can save searching for these kinds of materials. If you don’t like the service, they do have a 60 day money-back guarantee.

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 7 Day Free Trial Membership
  • Over 22,000 Resources for Teachers Pre-K – 12
  • Resources from Pearson, Houghon Mifflin Harcourt, Penguin, Jumpstart
  • Printable Downloads for all Grades and Subjects
  • Educational Videos for Value Added Learning
  • Quality Learning Materials from Award-Winning DK
  • Templates and Planners for Teachers
  • Starting at $39.95 for Annual Memberships

CONS for TeacherVision Reviews 2017
One thing that I noticed was that TeacherVision allows payment through credit and debit cards only. This is really only a minor setback, when you consider what you are getting in return. The other thing to take note of is, documents especially of PDF format can take a long time to download. This is due to their large file size and quite possibly your internet connection speed. If you do not have a strong, steady internet connection, this may hamper your ability to download the resources you need. Lastly, TeacherVision may not be all-encompassing or have the kind of material you need. While they have over 22,000 resources for teachers as of right now, that number will only continue to grow.

  • Credit and Debit Cards are Only Accepted Form of Payment
  • Large PDF Files May Take Time to Download

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  1. I am a third 3rd grade teacher and I recently opened an account with Teachervision. Unfortunately, I am not satisfied with the ELA content for my students. I am unable to get CCSS aligned reading passages and worksheets. I would life to cancel this account and be refunded.

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