Total Protect Home Warranty Reviews 2017

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PROS for Reviews 2017
Total Protect is a home warranty and protection plan service that works to provide homeowners with peace of mind.  Essentially, they will cover the repair of any appliance, heating and cooling systems, gas, electrical, and interior plumbing.  Total Protect has a network of over 40,000 vetted service providers nationwide that are licensed and insured.  All of the worked performed is backed by a 180 day guarantee.  If the Appliance or system is beyond repair, Total Protect will replace the item.  They have a convenient 24-7 claims service, for when any of your appliances or systems break down.  They also have a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

  • 180 Day Guarantee on Repairs Performed
  • 24/7 Claim Request Service
  • 40,000 Providers Nationwide
  • Will Replace Item if Unrepairable
  • Service Providers are Pre-Screened, Licensed, and Insured
  • B+ Rating from Better Business Bureau  

CONS for Reviews 2017
There were a few drawbacks when it came to the actual service side for  Customers complained that Total Protect customer service was very rude if the customer disagreed with the customer service agent.  While I don’t think this is holds true for the whole customer service environment, I do believe that Total Protect can improve in this area.  There were also some customers that had issues with service.  One of the issues was that the service provider didn’t do a good job, or wasn’t able to find the problem.  The other issue was that some parts were apparently not covered by Total Protect.  To the last point, I think Total Protect could make the language clearer to show which services are actually covered under their contract.     

  • Some Claims Rejected if not Considered Mechanical Failure
  • Occasional Issues with Quality of Service Providers
  • Customer Service has Been Subpar on Occasion

8.1 Total Score

Overall Total Protect offers a service that can put at peace of mind if any of your major systems or appliances fails. That being said, they are still working to be the top provider in their industry. Total Protect still has some work to do when it comes to service providers, and what is actually covered under their warranties. It would really help the consumer to know the actual services that are covered and that it is clearly displayed. This would help to avoid disputes and any other issues they may encounter with service and claim questions. Total Protect does do some great things including the 6 month guarantee on all repairs performed. They also have a mobile friendly version of the online claims page, allowing you to simply make a claim from your mobile device.

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