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Is TripAdvisor Legit,
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What I Like:
TripAdvisor Review

If you are planning to go on a vacation right now, you might want to visit the website for your needs. The reason for this is because you can search for hotels, destinations and accommodations with their search engine. They make use of more than 200 websites to help you get the best deals that you are looking for. You can then book your reservations through their portal without having to go visit a physical retailer. That has made the TripAdvisor reviews quite positive for many years.

    • Online Travel Review & Comparison Website
    • Find Hotels and Resorts in Any Destination
    • Book Reservations for Your Holiday
    • Checks Over 200 Websites for Clients

What I Didn’t Like:
TripAdvisor Review

The company however does not have a rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. This might mean that they have not bothered to apply for a full background check or that they have been denied in the past. Aside from that, many of their customers have experienced receiving many annoying marketing phone calls and emails from them. These are some things that you can read in the reviews as well.

    • No Rating and Accreditation in BBB
    • Annoying Marketing Phone Calls and Emails
Overall Thoughts:
TripAdvisor Review

Overall, the website has been a reliable online portal for people that would like to book almost anything with regards to traveling. Their excellent search engine will help you find the best deals that you need at this time. Aside from that, you can always contact their customer support to help you along the way. You might end up writing them your own TripAdvisor reviews as well to help people to decide on their destinations being offered.

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