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What makes an ideal option for teams and individuals in an enterprise setting is that they can compare and analyze their documents without being restricted in one place. You can download their mobile app which will allow you to open, share and compare these files wherever you are. Aside from that, you have a variety of Word document, PDF and RTF files compatible with what this company offers. This means that you don’t have to convert documents just to read them or to make it readable for others that you wish to share these with. One of their satisfied users has even mentioned in their review that it gives them more flexibility and freedom when working.

  • Easy Document Collaboration
  • Quick Document Version Changes
  • Mobile File Sharing
  • No Risk of Data Leakage

The most negative aspect that one will experience when acquiring the services of is that their information will be collected by third party advertising firms. These advertising companies will serve users ads whenever they make use of the website’s services. This can be a quite annoying aspect of especially if you want a neat and clean interface to work on. People can be distracted by the ads that come up while they are working and can be a problem for them later on.

  • No Warranty/Guarantee
  • Software May Contain Bugs/Errors

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