Loot Crate Reviews 2020

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Is Loot Crate Worth it, Legit or Good?

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Overall Loot Crate provides a cool monthly subscription for geeks and gamers alike. Their endless supply of memorabilia and the community that they have created around it have skyrocketed Loot Crate as a leader in this industry. Hundreds of thousands of fans and subscribers worldwide share their loot online, and eagerly await the next month’s order. Loot Crate is not without its hiccups and occasional errors on their part, but that is to be expected with several hundred thousand orders going out every year. In an industry that has really struggled, Loot Crate has found the recipe to keep fans and subscribers coming back, and is continually adding new features and products to keep their brand fresh and exciting.

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PROS for Loot Crate Reviews 2020
Loot Crate began as a small subscription-based box company that shipped everything that a geek and gamer would be interested in.  Their products gained traction almost overnight, and they have grown to be one of the largest companies of their kind.  Loot Crate now offers specific crates for whatever you are interested in and that list continues to grow.  What’s nice about this service is that their shipping and handling are included in the price of the product, so you only pay one price.  Loot Crate has grown into much more than just a company, they now have become an international community who shares the products via social media, and generates buzz and discussion about the crates.  If you want to earn extra cash, Loot Crate has their refer-a-friend program, which pays you every time you get a friend to sign up.  Lastly, Loot Crate offers a 30 day money back guarantee on their orders.

  • Shipping Costs Included with Orders in the US
  • Choose from a Variety of “Loot Crates”
  • Monthly Subscription for Geek and Gamer Gear
  • New Products Sent Monthly
  • Earn Extra Cash with Loot Crate Refer-a-Friend Program
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

CONS for Loot Crate Reviews 2020
The biggest negative that I found was trying to cancel a subscription with Loot Crate.  The process online was not easy to figure out, and took quite a bit longer than expected.  I also had issues with how they charge your last crate.  In some cases, Loot Crate would charge you for the next crate, if you didn’t cancel soon enough after the previous crate.  I found that this is a common practice with many month to month services, and can usually be found in the terms that rarely get read.  Lastly you are limited to the inventory that Loot Crate sends you.  If you don’t like an item that they send you, they most likely won’t allow you to return it.  This is especially true if your item is a mystery crate, as it is written in the terms of service.

  • Cancelling Subscriptions is a Hassle
  • Limited to Inventory Sent

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