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6.6 Total Score
Summary offers over 1,200 options to create and design your own custom greeting cards, event invitations, photo albums, and so forth. The variety of available templates is truly impressive, and the personalization options are excellent as well, allowing users to upload and implement their own photos and music into their design. Creations can be sent digitally and may also be printed at home or put onto a DVD as a personal keepsake. With the possibilities are endless and your recipients will truly enjoy your thoughtfulness. If you plan to make things for yourself, that’s worth all the fun too!

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Pros: Smilebox Review

The homepage on is orderly and clearly laid out.

The main links are at the top, offering both the digital and printable versions of all of the many designs.

You simply mouse-over them to open the sub-menus, which is quick and convenient and should not cause any loading problems.

The sub-menus offer options for each product category, allowing you to choose the right design based on event, formality, age group, and so on.

For example, if you need to create a printable invitation for a birthday, you can select this directly from the home page without having to hunt around and click through multiple pages.

Everything is conveniently and thoughtfully laid out.

The sheer number of designs and templates that offers is impressive as well, and editing your creation is straightforward and intuitive.

The downloadable editor offers many creative options and is simple to use.

    • Free Trials Available
    • Premium Options Available
    • Easy To Sign up
    • Secure Checkout

Cons: Smilebox Review

Where uses the white and pastel color scheme, it is visually appealing but it may seem a bit bright.

This may be annoying for those who like to use computers at night, and for whom bright color palettes can be uncomfortable to look at for extended periods of time.

Also, in order to create your design, you must download the editing tool on

This is only available for Windows and Mac OS X, which means that Linux users may be unable to install and use it.

It is also inconvenient for those who prefer not to install unnecessary programs on their computers and prefer applications which are built into the website.

It would be nice if offered an alternative on-site editor for this.

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Smilebox Reviews 2020
Smilebox Reviews 2020
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  1. DO NOT USE!!! After years of being a customer, their desktop version no longer works and you can’t get into the account to stop them from auto-renewing! I wrote them beforehand and they still auto-renewed. Also, the Smileboxes a few years back can’t be retrieved or saved anymore. So many weeks spent creating the Smileboxes are all down the drain!

  2. Smilebox are CROOKS!! They say they are free, but they ARE NOT FREE – you can’t do much without ‘upgrading’. whatever you choose – THEY CHARGE YOU ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION WITHOUT YOU CHOOSING IT!!!
    BEWARE!!!. They will NOT refund any amount they have taken from you, without your consent. SMILEBOX IS A SCAM!!!

  3. I have been a loyal subscriber to Smilebox but lately (1/2021) I cannot get onto the site at all and cannot access any of the Smileboxes I have made over several years. Not sure whats going on there but I wouldnt sign up for it right now.

  4. Wow, I wish I didn’t even have to rate this as I would give it no starts at all. THIS IS A SCAM. They advertise that it is only $5 per month. I figure what the heck I only needed it to make a slideshow for a virtual birthday party as we are in a pandemic so I thought $5 for one month and I will cancel as I will likely not use this once a month or even more than once this year. Then I see they charged me $59.99 the whole year up front. I emailed customer service asking for a full refund as I will never use this for a whole year and they say oh sorry no refunds. Why the heck this company advertises $5 a month then charges you $59.99 for the whole year is ridiculous but it says somewhere in fine print that they charge $59.99 up front “due to an ongoing special price campaign”…. bull crap. Then they offer an upgrade to premium at no charge for the inconvenience which is pointless as I stated to them I will not use this service again so why would I want an upgrade for something I will never use again. I mean we are in the middle of a pandemic, if I or someone I know would actually utilize the services they have to offer such as making invitations and such I would continue to use the service but no one is having any gatherings to use invitations so a waste of my money. Wish I would have read the reviews here before I decided to purchase for what I thought was $5 a month. So my advice….. DO NOT USE THIS. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. NO REFUNDS.

  5. FYI: Smilebox won’t let you purchase a monthly subscription, forces you into a year, saying you can always cancel early, and then to find out you won’t refund the remaining subscription (It’s hidden in their terms and conditions, is what I was told when I wrote to inquire about the status of my refund). That’s bad business! Shame on you, Smilebox. I’d recommend you look somewhere else for this service.

  6. 0.5
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    10 Guarantee
    10 Prices
    10 Shipping Delivery
    10 Help & Support

    Please be aware of buying a Smilebox subscription. They ‘creatively’ mislead on their site to make it look as if they offer monthly subscriptions for $11.67. You will be charged $139 for their annual subscription instead. There is no monthly subscription even though they advertise as if there is. There are many other great sites to use with honest business practices so please don’t be fooled into purchasing a Smilebox subscription.

    - CONS: They scam! Please research all their reviews from other like me who were scammed.
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  7. 0.5
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    10 Guarantee
    10 Prices
    10 Shipping Delivery
    10 Help & Support

    Ismilebox automatically charges your card. But it doesn’t connect online with the site. I have sent multiple emails to them, and they only reply with pre typed statement. They do not have a phone number. I have included our number many times when I email, they never call. Has anyone ever contacted the Better Business Bureau? I am thinking about contacting AARP.

    + PROS: Loved using them in the padt
    - CONS: No response to any emails. Does not connect a payment to my site. No phone number.
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  8. I have been using Smilebox for years and really enjoy the templates, but I have noticed that nothing much has changed, like introducing newer templates for birthdays etc.
    Lately I did an anniversary notice, with the opportunity of monitoring the replies which I thought was a good idea, but Chrome said it was dangerous because the site connection was not secure in that Smilebox web address did not have a https:// installed, which left it vulnerable to hackers etc. How can I get this site’s connection to be secure?.

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