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After learning about all these things from this LogoGarden.com review, we can say that this is actually one of those unique and helpful websites that starting entrepreneurs and businesses can take advantage of. The website can be used in order to create your logo without the need to hire a professional graphic designer and pay a hefty sum for their one-time service. Why hire at all when you can actually do it yourself? Apart from that, you also get to make your first logo design without any charges given that you can only make one of them and at a small resolution format.

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As mentioned above in this LogoGarden.com review, there are many tools that you can use for designing your logo at the website. Although they only mention them as ‘basic’, these tools are actually quite advanced yet simple to make use of. People can add colors and text to the logo that they have made. Even a font wrapping feature is available for users, and this is why it isn’t as conventional as it seems. After finishing your designs here, you can then save and download a low resolution file of your design without any charges.

  • Easy Interface for Logo Making
  • Multiple Tools Available
  • Free Demo for All Users
  • Helpful Support Center

One of the things that can be noticed with the LogoGarden.com in the LogoGarden.com review is that after you have made and downloaded your design, you are only provided a low resolution file in the end. In order to take advantage of higher resolutions and other file formats, you will have to pay for an upgrade to your basic account. People will be required to make a payment of $19.99 for this upgrade, which can be costly for people who are just starting out a small design business. Users will only be getting one free design for each account, but are still subject to make unlimited changes if they wish.

  • No Guarantee/Warranty
  • Downloads May Contain Bugs

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