Moonlighting Reviews 2020

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Is Moonlighting Legit, Ethical and Legal?

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Overall, I think Moonlighting is a great opportunity to get work done for you or to pick up some extra jobs on the side. Their systems and interface make it super easy to find what you are looking for and get yourself jobs or find the jobs that you need done. You can even search based on location to narrow down the options if you need local work done for you, or need to work locally. You should understand that sites like Moonlighting are very competitive and are only as good as the people that use the service. That being said, I think Moonlighting is worth a try, to help you land that extra job for extra income or find someone to do a job for you.

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There were some drawbacks for the person doing the work.

Moonlighting charges small bank fees every time you receive money for work that you have done.

While this charge is very small in comparison to the total amount, it does add up over time.

Another thing to factor in is that you might not have guaranteed work all the time.

IF your name shows up at the top of the list and you have proven yourself, then you will start getting more consistent jobs.

One way of ensuring that your name shows up in searches is get the premium services.

While these services from Moonlighting do include professional invoices, and other premium features, it all comes at an extra cost.

I would advise you to get an idea of how much it costs, and how likely you are to get work.

  • Small Bank Fees for Receiving Money
  • Not Guaranteed to Work
  • Premium Services Cost Extra


At you can find thousands of opportunities to both work and look for people to hire.

Moonlighting is about doing those extra jobs to bring more income on the side.

Some people have even used it to serve as their main source of income working either one job, or possible several smaller jobs.

Moonlighting has an easy to use interface for those looking to post a job.

All you need to do is fill out the information, set how much you charge for your service, and then post your job to

If you are browsing for someone to do a job for you then can simply enter in the search terms for the type of job you need and narrow that down with filters.

Moonlighting also comes with an app so you can download on your mobile device and find jobs there as well.

  • An Easy Way to Make Extra Money
  • Useful App for Job Search & Job Fulfillment
  • Easy to Use Interface with Easy Steps for Profile Creation
  • Boost Option Allowing for Itemized Proposals and Invoices
  • List your Job Posting, or Search for Someone Complete a Task

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Moonlighting Reviews 2020
Moonlighting Reviews 2020
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  1. useful

  2. Hello there, thanks for the well thought out description of Moonlighting! As an employee of the platform I’d be happy to answer any direct questions people may have and would love the opportunity to add just a couple of quick notes to what was discussed by Brian.

    First of all, we greatly appreciate the pros and cons you laid out in this post, very helpful and insightful. The platform is built on a freemium model as you portrayed and gives people an opportunity to find work and get hired. The premium service includes some assistance in getting set up and an opportunity to leverage the platform to your advantage from a marketing/promotion standpoint. This program is custom fitted to businesses of all sizes and gives people the ability to get the word out about the work they do through social media, a powerful mobile platform, and through networks of local and national publication partners (McClatchy, TRONC, Gannett).

    Moonlighting does not make any money off of what you earn and you are not required to utilize the payment processing system built into the application. While the banks take a standard service charge, this is common for service providers – every time you pay with a credit card the business you are transacting with often incurs this charge. In our platform of individuals transacting, the service providers also incur this charge if you utilize the optional Moonlighting payment processing system.

    Furthermore, the invoices or proposals are not required, nor do they cost extra money to utilize. Moonlighting set out to create a platform that was very open and inclusive, which is why the premium membership focuses so much on promoting you and the services/skills/work you provide. That way the assistance we provide (and the way our company earns money) is unbiased in where you get business from, how you transfer money, communicate and manage your work.

    Finally, as you mentioned, there is no guarantee that posting a service or requesting a job on Moonlighting will yield income. Even when you are a part of our premium service it is still up to the individual, or business, to ensure they are working leads and getting hired. Moonlighting’s role in this process is to provide an open marketplace where people can display their abilities and find people looking to hire. We facilitate many connections and help serious people find work everyday. The premium ‘Boost’ membership is a way to increase your visibility in this marketplace and market yourself to a broader audience of people outside of the platform, giving you the best opportunity to get found and get hired.

    Hope this helps, happy Moonlighting!

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