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Here’s our Top 5 Check List

to find the Best Painters in Salem, Oregon


I’ve seen many house painters that cut corners and will do a quick so-so paint job for a quick buck. After painting houses and kitchen cabinets myself for over 5 years now, I’ve seen it all, and I can tell the difference between the best house painting contractors in Salem-Keizer, Oregon areaand ones that are not good and reliable.


Also, it’s essential to check the top 5 checklists before hiring the best cabinet painters near you in Salem, Oregon.


1. Are you a licensed and insured painter in Oregon?


The insurance that a painter carries is more important and valuable than the actual license because if a contractor is not insured then you could get into some trouble if a painter gets hurt while on your property working.


Northwest Best Painters Company in Salem, Oregon, is fully licensed (#224893) and has a $1,000,000 dollar liability insurance and contractors bond insurance.


For example, if anything was to happen while Northwest Premium Painting Company in Salem, Oregon is working, like a worst case, your house starts on fire while the painters are there, then the company and the customer are 100% covered.


2. Can we see any references or jobs you’ve painted in Oregon?


Regarding reviews, research the web to see what painting companies are near you and have positive painting reviews from recent customers.

For example, you can search “house painters near Salem, Oregon,” “residential painting companies near me,” or “exterior house painters near me,” to find painting companies in your area.


Once you find painters near you online, compare the companies’ reviews and ratings. It helps as well to read the customer reviews and see what a recent customer has to say about their:

    • painting work and prep
    • quality and clean up
    • communication
    • reliability

Another good place to check for local companies and their reviews is for Best House Painters in Salem, Oregon.

There are currently 5-star positive reviews from 18 customers for NW Premium Painting with Home Advisor.


Here’s another tip to ask these top 10 questions before hiring a house painter near you.


Review Pros



3. How to prep a house before painting?


 This is an excellent question because any good painter knows and should say that a good painting job is “all about the prep.”

When doing prep to prepare the walls, ceilings, and especially kitchen cabinet painters in Salem, Oregon can be quite time-consuming and can be labor-intensive, but it is also the most important.


How do you prep a house before painting? Power washing is key.

Here’s a list of good prep work that should be done by a good painting company that is going to do exterior house painting:


  1. A good painting company will pressure wash the exterior of your house and let it dry for at least 1-3 days before painting.
  2. Good prep involves scraping and peeling off old and loose paint chips that the pressure washer couldn’t get.
  3. Sanding must be down for scrapes and rough edges to prevent more peeling in the future.
  4. Using a high-quality primer, applying the primer with a sprayer, and back rolling it into cracks is necessary for the paint to stick and last better.
  5. Caulking and filling holes with putty should be done for a more professional look.
  6. Masking and taping any windows, brick, or lights around the house should be protected before spraying paint.

From experience, a good painter can take anywhere from 2 hours up to 2 days or more, depending on the size of the house, to prep before painting.


4. Who has the best quality paint, or what do most of your customers like?


Some paints will cost just $15 for a gallon and can go up to $80 a gallon, so you might ask, what’s the difference, and is a higher-priced paint worth it?


Not all paint is equal in quality or price.


I’ve been fortunate enough to have experience painting and can say that a low-priced paint can take 3-4 coats to cover, whereas a higher-priced paint takes 1-2 coats.

emerald-exterior-paint-sherwin-williams-oregon emerald-interior-paint-sherwin-williams-oregon


Using mid-range to higher-priced paint is recommended because it usually equals higher quality made paint and will last longer and take less labor, time, and paint to cover.


One of the best paint companies and most popular requests from customers with out of Salem, Oregon choose


sherwin-williams-paint-color-of-year-2022 sherwin-williams-paint-color-of-year-2023


5. Are there any guarantees with the painting company?


It’s a good idea to check to see if there is a guarantee on the paint itself to make sure it will last 3-6 years, depending on if it’s your house, kitchen cabinets, deck, or fence staining in Salem, Oregon may vary.

Also, a good painting company should have a 2-5 year guarantee on their work and paint material used.

From personal experience, I’d highly recommend you make sure to have this checklist above when hiring a good painter in your area. If you are in the Salem-Keizer, Oregon area, or surrounding city, I will check out owner’s name is Mike, and he is a friendly and experienced painter.


They also are some of the best kitchen cabinet painters in Salem, Oregon.

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  1. 5
    Schedule Free Estimate
    Prep Work Done
    Quality of Painting Work
    Reliability and On-Time
    Overall Painting Company

    Just wanted to say thanks to Northwest Premium Painting who painted the interior of my home last month in South Salem. Was very affordable prices and had some of the best painting services.

    + PROS: Friendly owner who's at the job sites Best quality house painters
    - CONS: Couldn't find any
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  2. 4.9
    Schedule Free Estimate
    Prep Work Done
    Quality of Painting Work
    Reliability and On-Time
    Overall Painting Company

    Very professional! I could tell they did great work with painting the exterior of our 2,500 sq ft house in the West Salem hills of Oregon. I have to say they went above and beyond their duty, because I spilt paint on our driveway on accident and 2 of their crew members came quickly to help and got a hose to wash and scrub it all away. This was one of my best experiences hiring a local company for a painting project.

    + PROS: Very professional Helpful One of the best experiences
    - CONS: None that I had
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