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Incfile Reviews 2020

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Incfile Reviews 2020
Incfile Reviews 2020
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Is Incfile Legit, Worth it and Good Company?

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Review Summary of Incfile

Overall, Incfile provides a legit, trustworthy & safe service. To be sure of this, they have already helped over 50,000 companies form since 2004. Incfile has also received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau which means they provide exceptional customer service, provide a superior product, and resolve issues quickly and to the satisfaction of the customer. Incfile also has free shipping on documents with all orders. Their lifetime customer support is another reason to have Incfile take care of the filing for you. At Incfile.com you can choose between 3 tiers of filing according to which one suits you the best.

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PROS: IncFile Review 2020
Incfile is a great way to get your business started and off the ground. They have helped over 50,000 companies form to date and continually provide value to those businesses. Incfile takes the complications out of filing and all of the paperwork involved and does the work for you. They offer a free 1st-year registered agent, as well business tax and legal consultation. Their unlimited phone & email support lasts for a lifetime, and they will assist you with most preparation of documents. All of these features are available in their lowest tier package at $49. If you want more advanced help and are planning on filing for a large company, the middle or top tier package might be a better fit.

  • More than 50,000 Accredited Company Formations Through Incfile.com
  • A+ Rating From the Better Business Bureau
  • Free 1st Year Registered Agent
  • Excellent and Knowledgeable Lifetime Customer Support
  • Setting Up Your Business Simplified
  • Free Shipping With All Orders

CONS: IncFile Review 2020
The only drawback is the filing fees that they charge as well as the state filing fees. However, Incfile is saving you time since you will not have to track down all of the required documentation. In my personal experience, filing for an LLC can be a long process and take several hours, days or even weeks to track down and fill out all the necessary and required forms and documents. Incfile takes all of the worry and stress out of filing, and does the legwork for you.

  • Filing Fees
  • Fees Can Vary by State

About Incfile.com

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