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Overall, Overland.com is a legit and reputable website that offers the finest collection of coats, jackets, boots, rugs and much more straight from the skin and coats of cows and sheep.

They have over 16 upscale stores, and been going strong since starting in 1973.

Overland.com guarantees that all of their products are 100% authentic.

In this Overland.com review we'll cover the quality of clothing, the buying process, returns and exchanges, and more.

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Pros: Overland.com Review

Overland.com seems to carry high-quality clothing that’s also in fashion and stylish today.

They offer free returns and exchanges in the US as shown below.

overland.com review returns exchanges

overland reviews refund return steps helpWhen you choose to shop at Overland.com, you are greeted with their latest products from their front page with an image and a brief description.

You have the option to either click this image and be directed to this newest item or browse the site for items that you are interested in.

That is one of the best features that will be mentioned in this Overland.com review.

The simplicity of searching for the clothing that you need is what makes shopping at their website convenient.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (14 Days For Sale Items)
  • Lifetime Warranty on Multi-Use Face Shields
  • 1-4 Business Days Domestic Shipping
  • Track Your Shipping Available

Cons: Overland.com Review

The only negative aspect which will be mentioned in this Overland.com review is that their products are made primarily from materials coming from animals like sheep and cow.

People that are sensitive to taking care of animals won’t find this process or their goods appealing to them.

Although sheepskin can be quite comfortable to wear, there are just those individuals who would rather purchase their clothing from plant-based materials instead of from live animals.

Make sure you understand all about Overland.com and its products first before you make a purchase from them.

  • Shipping Fees
  • 7-10 Business Days International Shipping

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