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Is MyTheresa a Legit Website with Authentic Clothing?

Overall, who started in 2006 is a legit website with a one-of-a-kind selection of authentic luxury brands for fashion clothing, shoes, and accessories from 180 best designer collections, and 500+ new arrivals weekly from the runaway.

There are some negative MyTheresa reviews though (stated below) and complaints online to be aware before buying.

mytheresa reviews 2020 is mytheresa legit authentic

Most Positive MyTheresa Reviews Said They Liked:

    • average of 2 days for delivery to 130+ countries worldwide
    • fast 1 day delivery on orders to Germany
    • shipments are with DHL or FedEx, and tracking is provided
    • free returns and exchanges within 30 days (must be in “original condition”)

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Most Negative MyTheresa Reviews Said:

    • lengthy return and refund process
    • customer service can be hard to deal with sometimes
    • a couple of customers were sent the wrong item


There are many online fashion retailers today and one of the leading shops at this time based out of Europe is

MyTheresa is currently offering a 15% off coupon code and free shipping (code: GIFT15).

The company started out as a small online shop back in 2006 and has been in association with the multi-brand store known as THERESA, which is one of the pillars of fashion in Munich for 25 years and above.

People can expect to find over 250 of the best international designers you can trust for the best fashion.

Aside from that, excellent customer service and reliable delivery are available for use.

Read more on this MyTheresa review to find out what else the online store can do for you.

mytheresa reviews gucci slipper shoes legit

Pros: MyTheresa Reviews

One great thing about shopping for fashion at is that they continually update their New Arrivals page which features:

Here you will find an updated list of items that are popular over the week based on fashion cities around the world such as Milan, Paris and London.

Bags, shoes, dresses, coats, boots and even dresses are all available here to acquire.

The most common positive MyTheresa reviews are about:

People can also view the hottest fashion outfits of the past weeks, allowing them to purchase these items directly from the website.

You can sign up for MyTheresa to get exclusive pre-shopping events and savings.

mytheresa review vip exclusive savings good

Cons: MyTheresa Reviews

Although the shop offers free shipping after reaching past a certain order price, people that go below that would often have to pay a fee just to get their items delivered to their doorstep.

mytheresa shipping worldwide review

As stated above, during this time (April 2020), shipping deliveries may be delayed.

my theresa shipping delivery usa review

This is a negative factor that will be mentioned in this MyTheresa review, as it is important for people to know all about the brand.

Most people would be expecting free shipping offers for those that live within the country of Germany but they won’t be seeing that from this brand.

It is important that you take note of this before you close an order from the website.

    • Customer Service is Slow at Times
    • Delay in Shipping for Certain Items

Top Gliks FAQ’s

Is MyTheresa a Legit Website with Authentic Clothing?

Where is my order?

You will receive an email with your parcel’s tracking number as soon as DHL or FedEx has picked it up from our warehouse. You can track the status of your order to find out where it currently is and when it will get delivered at any time using this tracking number.

Track Your Status

As soon as we have shipped your order you will receive an email stating the DHL or FedEx tracking number. You can check the status of your order one to two hours after receiving the email via the link provided.

Check the status of your Gilks DHL order.
Shipped with FedEx:

Check the status of your Gliks FedEx package.


For deliveries to the USA the price of the item already includes all customs duties and processing fees. Shipping costs will not be refunded by Mytheresa in case of returns.

What is your return policy?

All purchased items can be returned free of charge – including reduced items. If you would like to repeal your contract of purchase, you may choose one of the following two options:

1.) You have 14 days after delivery to repeal your contract of purchase in written form by sending us an email, a fax, a letter in the mail, or over the phone. We recommend that you use our cancellation form template. After sending us your cancellation form, please return the items within 14 days.

2.) Your repeal of purchase will automatically take effect if you return the items within 30 days.

Please note that we can only accept returns from the country which the shipment was sent to. For more specific information, please refer to the “returns” section.

What is your exchange policy?

All purchased items can be exchanged within 30 days of receipt, free of charge – including reduced items. The exchange policy only applies if the items are in mint condition i.e., have not been worn, altered or washed and all tags have to be attached. Return/exchange shipments have to be sent using the service used for the original delivery (DHL or FedEx).

Please be aware that we can only exchange an item for the same item in a different size. We can only accept exchanges from the country in which the shipment was sent to. For more specific information, please refer to the “exchanges” section.

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  1. 4.4
    Is MyTheresa Legit & Safe?
    Is MyTheresa Reliable?
    MyTheresa Guarantee
    MyTheresa Prices
    MyTheresa Hidden Fees
    MyTheresa Shipping Cost
    MyTheresa Shipping Delivery
    MyTheresa Help & Support

    Just received the self-portrait sequined cold-shoulder blouse, which I am loving it right now! The shipping delivery with mytheresa arrived in 2 days to Norway, which I thought was fast during this time, and it was free for me.

    + PROS: Shipping was free and arrived quickly for me
    - CONS: Cost I wish was lower, but it is luxury brands that are normally higher-end prices.
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  2. 1.4
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    30 Guarantee
    20 Prices
    50 Hidden Fees
    20 Shipping Cost
    30 Shipping Delivery
    50 Help & Support

    They actually have a good selection of seasonal Gucci bags that are no longer available in the stores, but I had a problem with quality, which didn’t seem the best.

    + PROS: Good selection of seasonal Gucci bags that are no longer available in the stores or not available on Gucci online. Reasonable prices and the use of DHL delivery service is reliable.
    - CONS: There are hidden cost for returns. So you have to take the risk on your purchases and be willing not to ask for returns or exchanges, unless you want to pay the added cost. Also poor experience in a purchase of a Gucci bag. The store shipped me a bag which was poorly kept and the smooth lambskin leather was cracking.
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