RedShelf Reviews 2019

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RedShelf Reviews 2019
RedShelf Reviews 2019
Save 60% off RedShelf

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Overall, Redshelf provides an exceptional service to students and readers alike. With seamless capabilities between devices, you can truly read your content anywhere, anytime. The option to print some of your material is a great tool to take advantage of. The ability to highlight, draw, and write notes on the pages, is what I feel really sets Redshelf apart from other eTextbook platforms. With 340 College Bookstores already realizing the potential of this great service, you can be sure the Redshelf legit and safe to use. Redshelf is here to stay and quite possibly, the future of textbooks.

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Pros: RedShelf Review

RedShelf is the creator of a browser based eTextbook platform that is available on any device.

Because of the way it’s designed, you can seamlessly move from a mobile phone, to tablet, to a PC or Mac.

While it is a great tool targeted mostly towards college students as a cheaper alternative form of textbooks, it can also be a great place for authors and publishers to place their content.

RedShelf does have an available offline mode so that you access your textbooks virtually anywhere and anytime.

RedShelf sets itself apart from competitors through the interactive capabilities built into their system, as well as the ease of use and support that they provide.

They do have an ability to print content, although some publishers may limit this.

They have a super helpful keyword and phrase search, which can help you pinpoint exactly what you are looking for.

  • Browser-Based E-book Software
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Ability to Print Pages (Subject to Publisher Terms)
  • Draw in Book, Highlight Pages, Write Notes
  • Keyword and Phrase Search Capabilities
  • 340 College Bookstores That Offer Redshelf and Counting

Cons: RedShelf Review

The only real drawback I found was part of the refund policy.  

If you have read more than 10% of the content, then you not qualify for a refund.  

This means if you read more than 10% in the first 14 days, you will not get your money back.  

While this seems like a big deal, most people will not run into this problem.  

This is also to prevent people from just reading an entire book, and then returning it before the 14 days are over.  

Read FAQ is a good source of information regarding this and many other questions you may have with    

  • Refunds Can’t be Fulfilled if More Than 10% of Product Has Been Used

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