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Watch as I Test and Review Select CBD Pens

Learn the benefits, flavors, ingredients and how to use Select CBD Pens.

I also tested and reviewed Select CBD Drops 

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8.6 Total Score
10 reviews
Select CBD Pen Review Summary

In this Select CBD Pen review, I tested 4 CBD pens that are from 100% organic hemp plants by reputable local farmers.

Select has a Quality Control Group that hand-inspects and reviews each Select CBD pen for any cracks, leaks, and tanks if they weren't fully filled.

Through this quality control inspection procedure and review, all Select CBD vape pens are locked off and treated for 24 hours until available.

8.6Expert Score
Is Select CBD Vape Pens Legit?
Are Select CBD Disposable Pens Reliable?
Select CBD Vape Pens Guaranteed
Select CBD Oil Vape Pen Prices
Select CBD Pen Shipping Cost (free in US)
Select CBD Pen Shipping Delivery
Select CBD Pens Help & Support (email only)
8.5User's score
Is Select CBD Pens Legit?
Are Select CBD Disposable Pens Reliable?
Select CBD Vape Pens Guaranteed
Select CBD Oil Vape Pen Prices
Select CBD Pen Shipping Cost (free in US)
Select CBD Pen Shipping Delivery
Select CBD Pens Help & Support (email only)
  • 100% Organic Hemp-Derived CBD
  • Winner of the Best Concentrate Award
  • Online Ordering Available for Select CBD Pens
  • Currently Available Only in the United States
  • Must Be 18 Years of Age or Older to Buy
  • No Shipping to PO Boxes
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select cbd vape pen reviews

Select CBD Pen Review

I tried these 6 Select CBD pens that each provide a different effect and relief.

Each Focus, Revive and Relax Select CBD pen offers a discreet means of reaping the benefits of medical CBD through its disposable cartridges.

You cannot re-use them, as you are not able to refill them, which is how most CBD vape pens and other oil cartridges work.

All 6 Select CBD pens by SelectCBD.com are derived from organically grown hemp plants.

Let’s Review Select CBD Pens and What’s In Them?

Each Select CBD vape pen we reviewed allows you control of your dosage through micro-dosing; this implies that you can keep a level dose in your system throughout the day. 

Unlike regular medications, the effectiveness of CBD oil is as a result of its accumulation in the body over time so CBD works best when taken regularly or as a dietary supplement.

Each Select CBD pen is:

    • has 49.3% CBD from organic hemp
    • professionally reviewed, lab tested and pesticide free
    • half gram of 125mg or full gram of 250mg CBD
    • supposed to contain 150 puffs in the full gram
    • each 3 second puff is about 1.5mg to 3mg
    • suggested serving is one 3-second puff

Select CBD Pen Focus – Spearmint & Peppermint

These are soothing extracts combined with the clarifying benefits of CBD oil; both spearmint and peppermint are natural energy boosters and improve mental clarity and memory by stimulating the hippocampus of the brain. Each flavor is organically derived from essential oils sourced locally in Oregon that meet the high industry standards.

select cbd focus vape pen review 2020 spearmint
select cbd focus vape pen review 2020 peppermint

Select CBD Pen Revive – Grapefruit & Lemon

It gives a refreshing and revitalizing feeling that helps you regain energy.

select cbd revive vape pen review 2020 grapefruit
select cbd revive vape pen review 2020 lemon

Select CBD Pen Relax- Lavender & Cinnamon

It has been proven over time through studies to have a calming, soothing and sedating effect on your nervous system when inhaled. Cinnamon also has a relaxing scent and calming effects.

select cbd relax vape pen review 2020 lavender
select cbd relax vape pen review 2020 cinnamon

Are Select CBD Pens Good Quality?

Select CBD oil is 100% pure organically grown hemp plant distillate and terpenes, which is a natural plant extract.

Therefore, avoiding formaldehyde, which is a compound utilized in carbonyls or dangerous agent, and is often found in different products based on the thinning carrier or agent utilized.

The flavor is maintained by keeping the temperature during usage and the tamper-resistant pencil ensures that every Select CBD Vape Pen reviewed is stored flowing.

Its layout rids you of having to manage burnt coils and silica dispensing a true dose of cannabinoids and terpenes throughout the natural Japanese cotton wick as well as ceramic center.

An excellent management team inspects of every cartridge for mistakes such as cracks, tanks and leakbens which not correctly stuffed. In this procedure, the capsules treated for 24 hours until they can be sold on the internet or dispensaries to reduce mechanical failures and completely saturate the wick.

select cbd pen review testing legit quality
select cbd vape pen review 2020
select cbd pens oils lavender lemon terpenes
why select oil cbd reviews brand products

Cura is an American brand on a mission to be the leader of global and America’s legal CBD, a drive which has earned them an enviable reputation for its production of Select Oil and Select CBD.

Top FAQ’s for Select CBD Oil

What is CBD?

  • It’s a compound which reacts with the entire body receptors to modulate moods, pain and immune system, memory, stress reaction and other purposes.
select cbd vape pens select oil organic grown

Can CBD get me High?

  • No. There’s absolutely 0% percent THC in Select CBD vape pens, which makes it possible for people to find stress relief with no psychoactive or paranoia sense that THC can do.

Any concerns with a drug test while using Select CBD?

  • Drug tests assess for THC content, therefore if CBD alone is used there’s a no possibility that the evaluation would be favourable. But with the probability of utilizing all hemp products, physician’s or employer’s appointment is recommended.
  • Having said that, if you’re still worried you can check your self for $10.50 to ensure that your drug-free, or try finding an evaluation kit being marketed in a nearby supermarket shop, such as The Dollar Tree or Walmart.

Why Select CBD Vape Pens?

  • It allows you to keep a clear mind because of its lack of THC, and its own inhalation increases the bioavailability of both cannabinoids giving it a much more extreme effect. Select CBD pens and drops are now legal and available to buy online at SelectCBD.com.
select cbd disposable pen endocannabinoid system
select brand vape pen human system legit
select cbd reviews cb1 cb2 receptors

Interesting Facts about Select CBD

select cbd review best cbd oil company

Douglas AP Hamilton, a company proprietor, has passed several investment opportunities from businesses because of their bad implementation and plans which were short-term.

In addition, he predicted back in 2017 that Select would probably be the first actual billion-dollar company in this business.

Fast forward to the end of 2019, and Curaleaf, who is a good company, has purchased Select Oils and switches the name to Social CBD.

I am sure much of Select’s success and growth has a lot do with Select’s Co-Founder and President, Cameron Forni:

  • He is among those leaders in this business on product design and innovation, supply chain management, and tactical sales.
  • He founded the newest”Select Oil” and it has vape pens That Are owned and operated by Cura CS LLC
  • Here is a few of Cameron accolades and expertise:
  • Practiced and worked using Ryan Blair as an apprentice, who is a super clever and successful entrepreneur and best-selling author of this book:
  • President of Development in Chalice Farms
  • CEO of Epic Occasions NW
  • Co-Founded Attempt Eco LLC and increased $1.55 million in funds
  • Chief Operating Officer in TextNoMore
  • A third-generation Oregonian (helps you to understand and love the place you serve and operate in, such as Cameron)
review select cbd pen 2020

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  1. 4.5
    Is Select CBD Pens Legit?
    Are Select CBD Disposable Pens Reliable?
    Select CBD Vape Pens Guaranteed
    Select CBD Oil Vape Pen Prices
    Select CBD Pen Shipping Cost (free in US)
    Select CBD Pen Shipping Delivery
    Select CBD Pens Help & Support (email only)

    I liked the select cbd pen! I was surprised how potent it was. If you hold for a full hit of about 6 seconds, which is a full draw you will definitely feel it. At first, I thought they wouldn’t work that well, and I thought I’d have to use the 30-day return, but I’ll be keeping this pen.

    + PROS: Seemed to work good!
    - CONS: Price could be cheaper I think.
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  2. 4.35
    Is Select CBD Pens Legit?
    Are Select CBD Disposable Pens Reliable?
    Select CBD Vape Pens Guaranteed
    Select CBD Oil Vape Pen Prices
    Select CBD Pen Shipping Cost (free in US)
    Select CBD Pen Shipping Delivery
    Select CBD Pens Help & Support (email only)

    A friend recommended this company Social CBD, which I think is the same as Select Oils products. I happen to live in Oregon and they are a local company here in Portland, so I figured why check them out. Been trying to get some help for a while now with my anxiety, stress, and sleep. These Select CBD pens actually were good for me and I’ve tried a few so far! I feel these are stronger them others I’ve tried with a good amount CBD vape, and you don’t need much. The price seems fair compared to some. The quality I feel from research I did too turned out to be good and worth it.

    + PROS: They are potent! Shipping to Oregon was 3 businesses days.
    - CONS: Prices are fair I guess Should make 1 gram
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