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Is Shaw Academy Accredited, Free & Legit?

8.4 Total Score

After a thorough review of the Shaw Academy, I was fairly impressed with the class offering, and the relevancy of the classes for today’s world. The flexibility of an online course is hard to beat because you can do the class on your own schedule. This works great for people that have a full-time job or a stay-at-home parent that want to improve their skills. The expert instructors and tutors for the course are well-versed in their subjects and are great at disseminating information in a way that you can understand. I like the ability to access the entire course contents up to 12 days after course completion, in case you want to review the content. Shaw Academy also has a 24/7 help-desk that is able to help with any questions that may come up.

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Pros: Shaw Academy Review

The Shaw Academy is an online resource that allows you to learn virtually any skill that is in high demand for the year 2018 and going forward.

From financial trading to Adobe Lightroom, digital marketing, health & fitness, music and child nutrition to name a few, there is a very wide range of subjects that you can learn to master.

The Shaw Academy provides classes for skills that are actually relevant and used in today’s world, which can allow you advance in your career.

Because the classes are 100% online, the study times are as flexible and can fit your schedule.

You will have access to the entire course up to 12 days after you complete it which is an added bonus. Shaw Academy is accredited by the NFCE Diploma Level 4.

  • Accredited by the NFCE Diploma Level 4
  • Access to Entire Course Contents 12 Days after Course Completion
  • Flexible Online Studying Available 24/7
  • Expert Instructors and Helpdesk Support
  • Courses Focused on Relevant Life Skills

Cons: Shaw Academy Review

The main thing I found with the service that Shaw Academy provides is that they have some fees for the diploma and final assignment.

This cost is on top of the cost of the class itself, which can be a bit of a hassle.

The other thing to take note of is that Shaw Academy is limited to the classes that are offered.

Out of the offerings on their website, it is by no means all-inclusive.

However, the ones that are offered are pretty relevant to almost any job and/or basic life skill.

  • Hidden Fees for Diploma and Final Assignment
  • Limited to Courses Offered

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  1. Shaw Academy is a SCAM!! They charged me over $100 membership when I was in my first week of free trial! They deleted my account when I requested a refund. They are the WORST.

  2. Shaw Academy is a SCAM
    My experience with Shaw Academy began with me activating the 4 weeks free trial. All good until I searched the facebook group named Shaw Academy Student Hub and I found this group Shaw Academy Scam where, thankfully, I found out that this company has charged a lot of people without their consent. I imediately sent an email and asked them to delete my account. In two days, they assured me that my account was deleted. I deactivated my free trial and after their email saying my account has been deleted, I tried to login and I found out that my account was succesfully deleted. All good, again, until I received 3 emails noticing me that they tried to charge me with 49.99 $. Thank God I blocked my credit card after I found the Shaw Academy Scam group on facebook. DON’T TRUST SHAW ACADEMY!! IT IS NOT OK TO CHARGE PEOPLE WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT!!!

  3. SCAM!!!!! Dont engage!!!

  4. FRAUDS LIARS, i started the 4 week free trial , which i canceled the same day , when i went back into my paypal account shaw academy took $69.99 from it without my authorization. Their taking advantage of persons in a time like this people are out here struggling to make ends meet.If i dont get back my money i will have no choice but to report them to fraud Action, and take legal action towards them and i have sturdy proof. . I have not received anything yet. I want my refund , I have never went through anything like this before but by far the worst ever,I will be contacting my bank agent to do a thorough investigation and will proceed to take legal action. This is unbelievable. I never gave YOU AUTHORIZED ACCESS TO STEAL MY MONEY.

  5. I am a student since the beginning and I am very happy, After I while they grade me up to a lifetime membership with no fees to pay anymore, Free diploma’s and free exams. I am a very Happy student at the Shaw Academy

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