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9.4 Total Score

Yes, Simplilearn is accredited and has been since October 2014. The accrediation number is 01-1087. They have been in business since 2007 and Simplilearn is a legit company and website. Simplilearn is devoted to providing thousands of employees and professionals with the courses and accreditations to advance their careers, enhance their knowledge, and improve their resume. They have over 400 courses to choose from, most heavily in business and IT. Their courses are globally accredited which is a huge plus for those people that seek work international.

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Simplilearn is legit with over 2000 qualified trainers and over 100,000 plus professionals in over 150 countries to ensure that each person is trained properly and prepared so they can pass the exam to become accredited.

    • Convenient Online Classroom
    • Course Bundles
    • Audio and Video Lessons
    • Online Certification
    • 2000+ Qualified Trainers
    • Over 400 Courses and 40 Global Accreditations


The only negative I was able to find is that there are no refunds after 48 hours.  

This means that if you decide you don’t want the learning and training program after this time, you cannot get your money back.  While this is minor setback, it’s fairly standard for digital media.  

As a user of I can say that I have never had to ask for a refund, as their courses are explained well enough, so you know what you are getting before you buy.

    • No Refunds After 48 Hours

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