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The software that they provide are very effective in stopping malware and viruses from entering your systems. They are also developed and supported 100% within the USA. They boast a data base of more than 9 million users protected all over the world. This means that the company has an effective solution in stopping harmful software from infecting your systems. Another positive thing to note in this review is that they are always staying on top of the industry when it comes to the changing security needs of their customers. You can be sure to have an updated protection software always at the ready.

  • 30 Day Refund
  • Improves Computer Security
  • Eliminates Harmful Malware
  • Optimize Your Computer Performance

A negative trait that you will get when dealing with is that your information is not guaranteed to be fully safe from anything. It could be that there may be technical problems on IS3’s end that are beyond their control which would lead to your data being accessible to unauthorized personnel. They also are not held responsible for protecting your user information that you have provided in case the company is bought by a new owner. Subscriber information is treated as an asset that can be transferred, as in the case of bankruptcy.

  • Software May Contain Errors
  • Information Might Be Used by Third Party

Stopzilla Reviews 2020 Is Stopzilla Safe Legit reliable

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