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caseable reviews is trustworthy legit cases site

One of the best reasons why you should check out today for your gadget accessories is because its local production capability allows its customers to get involved in the development process of the cases they will order. They make use of recycled materials so people won’t have to feel guilty when they purchase some of the accessories they offer. Aside from that, the company also pays special care and attention to the quality of their goods to ensure that their buyers will always get the best items. This Caseable review also states their central offices which are located in Berlin, Germany and Brooklyn, USA.

  • Top Quality Gadget Cases
  • A Rated in BBB
  • Custom Cases & Art Designs
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Full Refund Policy

A negative factor about the however is that the company cannot reimburse customers of any purchases they have made since the cases that they create are all customized for each individual. That is why they will not be held liable for any errors made by the customers once the final design has already been submitted. The good thing here is that if there are any noticeable mistakes made by the user, they may contact them and let the person know what the problem is and if they would like to improve it.

  • Complaints of slow shipping

7.1 Total Score

Now having said all those things in this Caseable review, we have seen that their products are indeed unique especially since they are being sold in local stores and in the online world. People can either visit their shops physically or just browse through their website to create the designs that they want for their cases. All of the products made by have been assured to provide customers with the best quality and materials being used here. It is important to read their exchange and returns policy first before placing any order to avoid confusion.

Is Legit & Safe?
Is Reliable?
6 Guarantee
4.5 Prices
7 Hidden Fees
10 Shipping Cost
10 Shipping Delivery
6 Help & Support
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  1. I ordered a caseable and entered the correct shipping address. They put the wrong address and it never made it to me. Tracking showed it arrived at local USP transfer then to USPS and was shipped back to caseable. Now they will not send me another case to correct address,more or less told me it was not their fault and we’re not going to send another case. They also refused to give me a good phone number to call a supervisor. Customer Service rep is Maria and she was very rude and in considerate ofthe situation.

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