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3 reviews
Summary is a great place to go for all your media needs. Whether you are looking to buy music, DVDs, Blu-Rays including Steelbooks, Consoles, and other electronic items, you can be sure that Zavvi has a huge selection of these items. With the addition of clothing and memorabilia, Zavvi has expanded its inventory which allows the customer to pick up that new clothing item while they are making their purchase. Their daily deals tab is a great tool for the customer, and a great way to save money through shopping at

6.2Expert Score
Is Legit & Safe?
Is Reliable?
5.5 Guarantee
5 Prices
6.5 Hidden Fees
7.5 Shipping Cost
6.5 Shipping Delivery
7.5 Help & Support
1.5User's score
Is Legit & Safe?
Is Reliable?
0.6 Guarantee
0.6 Prices
2 Hidden Fees
3 Shipping Cost
2.6 Shipping Delivery
0.6 Help & Support
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Pros: Zavvi Review is great place to find all kinds of media related products.

They are primarily an entertainment store with video, music, and game offerings.

Recently they have delved into several other categories including clothing and memorabilia, as well as a wider range of tech items.

They offer reasonable prices, with a daily deals tab, and discounts.  Zavvi has free shipping in the UK and £0.99 international shipping.

They also have a fairly reasonable return policy of 14 days, from the day of when the delivery arrives.

One thing I liked is that they offer is Blu-ray Steelbooks, which are a kind of collector’s item and usually only a limited amount are sold.

    • 14 Day Guarantee
    • Safe & Secure Checkout
    • Daily Deals Available
    • Free Shipping in The UK
    • International Shipping

Cons: Zavvi Review

I didn’t like that fact that international shipping is not free to most countries, although if you spend £75-£120 depending on your country, you can receive free tracked shipping.  £0.99 for international shipping is not terrible, but it’s the one negative about Zavvi.

It’s understandable if they are a not a large enough company and don’t have the capacity to offer free international shipping at this time.

I imagine as they continue to grow and expand, they will be able to offer such a service in the future.

    • International Shipping Fees

Zavvi Review Videos

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via YouTube Capture.

Zavvi Review - Zavvi Zbox: Retro | Ashens is a link to follow if you want to check this stuff out further. is a link to follow if you want to do anything.


SPECS [US BD] Video Codec: MPEG-4 AVC (24.89 Mbps) Video resolution: 1080p Aspect ratio: 2.40:1 Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1 Special features: HD ( '17) Audio English: DTS-HD Master Audio...

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  • Is Zavvi a reliable and good website today?
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  1. 1.1
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    10 Guarantee
    10 Prices
    20 Hidden Fees
    20 Shipping Cost
    10 Shipping Delivery
    10 Help & Support

    I ordered an item from their web site in November it was a space invaders arcade game. It cost over £400. it never arrived! After a great deal of time and effort (Their Live Chat being a the only form of communication and a pain to get onto) Zavvi sent out another one – this too has not been delivered and today (23rd December) they issued me with a refund because the item is ‘TOO big’ for their courier to deal with). This means my nephew will not get his much anticipated Christmas present and I have wasted at least 10 hrs of my time trying to sort it out. Why do they advertise an item they cannot deliver? Why don’t they have a courier who is able to deliver larger items? I am upset and cross because I have now 1 day to replace this present and frankly doubt it can be done in time.
    Poor show Zavvi!

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  2. You think Zavvi are cheap to buy from, but really just avoid them, no customer service of any kind .The seem to just want to rip you off or wear you down , to give up. I marked them 1 star, as theres no minus 10 option.
    Contacted Zavvi to return a faulty item.
    When you send a message via their web site, you get an auto reply in your personal email address also. But when an actual agent replies. Guess what you dont get a mail to your personal email. Only to their web site inbox for your account. So you message them and think you will get a email reply to your mail . Nope! Talk about confusing for starters.
    After I figured this out, they wanted photos, which was pointless. Sent them anyway via there message hub. Then I got message to my personal email returns info would follow. But guess what ? No returns info sent. Requested it 7 times or so ,but nothing. Checked my email to see if there address was marked as spam etc,all good.
    Funny how the system can email you the auto reply .But the returns info and any other messages dont. After countless tries I asked for a supervisor to phone me ,many times… But nothing. Asked them to try another email address ,nothing?. In the end I changed my email address on my account. Requested returns and finally it came through. All in only took nearly two months.
    So all good then?? NO !!
    I noticed after using their returns paperwork and returns tracked free post labels.That I had never got the money back for the item.
    Messaged them about it, they asked for returns info. I had sent it a month and a half ago. So of course I didnt have the proof of postage still (silly me).
    I check my emails and found the returns labels etc. There was a tracking number so I checked it. Guess what they signed for it 4 days later. But claim to never of seen it.
    So now I’ve forwarded all this info to them.. Hope I do get the refund, but I dont hold out much hope.

    UPDATE 21/11/18
    Two days on from Zavvi’s reply below. I have proved to them two days ago that they received the item. But still they have not refunded me. They want to check the warehouse as they have lost the parcel.
    How is that my issue?? Proved the item was returned, they should refund. But no, more stalling and bad service.
    Also noticed in their below reply. They failed to address any of the issues I mentioned. Zavvi are uninterested, unprofessional, unorganised time wasters. Who want your money for nothing.

  3. 0.3
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    10 Guarantee
    10 Prices
    0 Hidden Fees
    0 Shipping Cost
    0 Shipping Delivery
    10 Help & Support

    Still waiting for two stranger things figures ordered mid December. Both items were in stock. I have now been told I will receive one of the figures in March. The other figure still has not arrived. Both were meant to be Christmas presents. The worst customer service I have dealt with. I would advise not to buy anything from this company as it takes 48hrs to get a very poor response!

    + PROS: Nothing
    - CONS: Customer service - poor No goods or refund
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  4. 1.15
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    0 Guarantee
    0 Prices
    40 Hidden Fees
    70 Shipping Cost
    70 Shipping Delivery
    0 Help & Support

    So poor, they dangle items in front of you, take orders, make all sorts of promises, but take WEEKS to deliver goods, if they deliver at all. Last order of mine made on Sept. 5th, still not received a month later.

    And when I say last order, I MEAN last order.

    Customer support is just full of auto-responses and meaningless platitudes that really just translate as ‘we’ll send it when we send it’.

    Embarrassingly poor for a company trading in a global, online, Amazon Prime-led marketplace.

    Strongly recommend people to not waste their time and effort, just to be disappointed.

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