4Legal Leads Reviews 2017 (Apr.): Is 4LegalLeads.com Legit or Reliable?

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4legal leads reviews 2017 is 4legalleads.com legit safe reliable good


What makes dealing with 4Legal Leads great is that you can create your own attorney profile from their website in order to start getting legal leads from them. You will be guaranteed that all of their attorney leads are in real-time, can be targeted and exclusive. There are over 90 legal lead subcategories to choose from as well which will make filtering much easier based on the 4Legal Leads review. You will also benefit from their services because almost all major players in the legal industry have integrated with the firm and thus, you can improve your networks with their help. Learn more about the website by continuing to read this 4LegalLeads.com review. Also, we have the latest 4LegalLeads Coupon Code 2017 savings now.

  • Own Attorney Profile
  • Real-Time & Exclusive Leads
  • 90+ Legal Lead Subcategories
  • Bi-Weekly Newsletter

There is however one negative aspect that will be mentioned in this 4Legal Leads review. It is with regards to paying for their leads which will only accept major credit cards and nothing else. This means that although 4LegalLeads.com an online provider of leads, you cannot make use of online payment options such as Xoom and PayPal. That would have been a plus if these options were to be provided for their clients knowing that some of them would rather prefer this kind of method. Funding your accounts using your online payment process would have been much more convenient for people.

  • Only Accept Major Credit Cards
  • No Refunds

9.5 Total Score
4LegalLeads.com Reviews 2016: Summary

4LegalLeads.com has always specialized in providing prospect legal clients for the industry using targeted leads legally. The leads that they provide are all exclusive and in real time. They are the ones who will take care of tracking all leads up to the final delivery process, to make sure that their clients get the best quality possible. 4Legal Leads also, makes use of advanced targeting options together with a solid back office distribution system to help grow legal businesses.

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  1. As to “only accepts major credit cards,” does that mean they would not accept a debit card? When giving a vendor a number for a card, a purchaser is under no obligation to say “this is a debit card.” I know from professional experience the reason some businesses will not take debit cards so I was wondering if you were able to find out if they did not take, specifically, debit cards.

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