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With 5 or 7 day or custom options, nothing beats the convenience of having healthy, great tasting food delivered to your door. does an amazing job at explaining their vision, their process, and their overall commitment to seeing customers through the entire weight loss program. The convenience doesn’t end there, nor in the Bistro MD reviews, however, as customers are given full access to their own dietitian along with a physical fitness trainer who is able to promote the synergetic reality that weight loss involves both the right diet and the right exercise.

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CONS: neglects to offer diet plans or smaller portion options for children which is a concern as childhood obesity continues to be an epidemic in America. Their business model, as per the Bistro MD reviews, marginalizes a growing demographic that involves families with kids. Finding a price point that works for families may be challenging, but there’s no denying that an offering that involves healthy, already prepared meals would be a huge convenience for a single parent household or a family where both parents work. A healthy tension seemingly exists as offers convenience at a premium price to a primary demographic of singles and newly married that has more time for themselves and less need for obtaining food quickly.

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  1. I really love the variety of the meals and that you can omit anything you do not want to have delivered. I thought the customer service has always been pleasant. Now, stay realistic and remember that this is “diet” food so it does not have a high salty or sugary taste… Many other meal delivery services do not offer all of the choices that BistroMD does.
    – No calorie counting
    – No worries over portion control
    – Easy to cook – pop in the microwave and eat!
    – I lose weight on these meals and if I fall off the wagon I just order them again to assist me back to good portions and choices.

  2. If I could leave fewer than 1 star I would definitely. My boyfriend and I were so excited about Bistro MD, we thought this would help us achieve our goal of eating better and healthier. I read online about the dietician and all the help that you were to receive from this site. However, when we ate the first dinner we both took two bites, looked at each other and knee we could not finish the meal. We couldn’t make out if the side was potato or what is was but it DID NOT taste nor have the consistency of potato. The food (including the one lunch I tried) had NO FLAVOR at all. I have eaten at places for those on a special diet and this wasn’t even close to any taste I have ever experienced (not in a good way).

  3. 4.3
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    80 Guarantee
    90 Prices
    40 Hidden Fees
    100 Shipping Cost
    100 Shipping Delivery
    100 Help & Support

    Very bland tasteless food. Much is inedible. Most is barely edible. The best dishes (salmon and turkey) are pretty good. None of the entrees are great. They allow subscribers to removed dishes they dislike from their menu, which is important, but it takes weeks and weeks to taste everything, realize it sucks, then remove it from the taste profile. And it seems pointless because they continually add new menu items, which should be a good thing, but it’s just more tasteless swill. Also, it’s a meat/protein based plan. No vegetarian / vegan options.

    For the price the food should be much better. Frozen meals in the grocery store are way better than this slop. Though it’s relatively healthy according to their labels. And I do think it is an effective weight loss program, if you don’t mind chewing on cardboard.

    The snacks are better than the entrees. But one snack type, the jerky, gave me a migraine each time I ate it. I don’t know why; the ingredients seem benign.

    Customer support is good in some ways. Responsive via email and sometimes phone, friendly, polite. However they completely screwed up my billing and jerked me around for two days in an episode that was completely their fault but they refused to acknowledge was their fault. That’s when I got permanently disgusted and canceled my subscription after my second attempt to use their service. The first time I canceled my subscription was because of the awful food. Then I figured I’d try them again, but the food was even worse than I remembered and the billing fiasco was the last straw. Support via chat is devoted to sales. Don’t bother asking for their help after you’re a member. That’s annoying, and should be made clear before queuing up for the chat and typing the question.

    No way I’d try them a third time.

    Packaging is environmentally irresponsible. Box and large styrofoam cooler.

    + PROS: Good customer support. Is effective for weight loss.
    - CONS: Bland boring food that's too expensive to justify the cost.
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