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7.9 Total Score

Overall, Coveroo has found a niche to fill for those people that want to express their individualism. Through their many choices of phone covers and other accessories, you can represent your favorite sports team or brand, with a high quality laser engraving. They also use HighColor technology to ensure their products have vibrant colors that won’t fade easily. Their professionalism and customer support is another great aspect which makes dealing with them a pleasure, where they expedite the process and ensure you are satisfied with the final product. Check out to see if you can find the brand or design to represent and support what you are all about.

7.9Expert Score
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8 Guarantee
9.5 Prices
7 Hidden Fees
9.5 Shipping Cost
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6.5 Help & Support
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Is Legit & Safe?
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Pros: Coveroo Review

At Coveroo, they are all about customization and helping to people to create the inspirations that drive them.

They are licensed for many well-known brands allowing people to create their official licensed products, and even set up their storefronts.

They also have delved into fan art of which have been merchandised and are available to purchase.

What I like about Coveroo, is that you know you are dealing with a professional company, who is going to assist you with every step of the process from creation to the final product.

They are also set up to help those entrepreneurs that want to design and sell products that are have been officially licensed, and print them in preparation for selling through Crowd X Coveroo.

  • Track All Orders
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Laser Engraving
  • High-Quality Products
  • Free Shipping on Most Orders
  • Safe & Secure Checkout
  • Track All Orders

Cons: Coveroo Review

After looking through the the only drawback was shipping fees related to returns.

While this is a fee that you must pay if you return the item, it won’t apply to most customers.

The reason behind this is that Coveroo does a great job of telling you which covers fit which phones, and they have great pictures to see exactly what you are getting.

If you do have to return the product, the fee is minor compared to the high quality of the product complete with laser engraving.

  • Shipping Fees for Returning a Product


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    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    0 Guarantee
    0 Prices
    30 Hidden Fees
    0 Shipping Cost
    30 Shipping Delivery
    20 Help & Support

    Purchased my first Coveroo Otterbox Symmetry case. My custom design came out beautiful, durable, etc.. The case itself began to fall apart after 6 months. I attempted to contact customer service for months with no response. Seems as though they are just waiting for warranty to run out. They clearly state they can only be reached by email and will respond in one business day. About 100 business days later…nothing. They clearly state that an exception to their 90 day warranty is an Otterbox warranty of 1 year. Around the time of my purchase in January 2017, there were several reviews stating poor or absent customer service. This has proved to be true. Worse, the reviews I saw at that time are now absent from their website. Lots of inappropriately high star ratings atop comments like still not received. Very shady. The designs are great, durability of designs had varied reviews, customer service is nonexistant. Buyer beware!!!

    - CONS: Will not respond.
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