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Is Drizly Legal, Legit or Safe?

When it comes to buying wine, liquor and beer products over the Internet, the website Drizly puts itself ahead of its competition. This is because ordering liquor via the website is very easy to do and convenient for many customers. Here you can find items such as Jagermeister, Coors Light, Southern Comfort and many more. You can view a large selection of their beers and other products as well that make up for great gifts. Continue reading the Drizly review provided to learn more about them.

  • Large Selection Of LiquorsConvenient Orders
  • Secure Website
  • Numerous Payment Methods

One of the negative aspects that has been observed in dealing with Drizly.com right now is that they do not allow people to pay them by cash except when tipping. This means that folks will have to make use of their online transaction payment methods or via their credit cards. Paying cash may be an advantage for some people and a convenience for others as well. Not being able to do so can be frustrating for customers that wishes otherwise. Keep this Drizly review tip in mind before you buy there.

  • Does Not Accept Cash

9.8 Total Score

Now that you have learned all these things about the Drizly review, we can say that this is indeed one of the best places to buy liquor at this time. Having the ability to place and make orders online can be very convenient especially since you will not have to go outside to buy what you need. Just remember that Drizly.com does not allow paying by cash unless for tips. You will need to keep this advice in mind before you choose to place an order here.

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