Eat Street Reviews 2020

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PROS for Eat Street Reviews 2020
Eatstreet is a food ordering and delivery service that makes getting your favorite meal so much easier.  They are one of several similar companies that offer the ability to order and have your meal delivered right to your door.  What’s great about Eatstreet is that they are the largest independent food ordering company in the United States.  Most of their competitors are owned by larger corporations or parent companies rendering them dependent.  Eatstreet is available in 250 of the larger cities in the U.S. and growing.  They also have to ability to order from 15,000+ restaurants.  Their customer service team is available to assist you 24/7 if you have any questions.       

  • 30 Day Guarantee
  • Largest Independent Food Ordering Company (In the US)
  • Located in Over 250 Cities, 15,000+ Restaurants
  • Convenient Way to Order Delivery and Takeout
  • Mobile App Available for Ordering from Mobile Devices
  • Customer Service Team Operates on a 24/7 Basis

CONS for Eat Street Reviews 2020
The only drawback that I found was that they are limited as to which cities you can order from.  This is a real setback for those of us that live in smaller towns and would like to use their service.  In order to effectively compete, will need to step up their game and become available in more cities every day.  Some customers have complained about living close to restaurants, yet they cannot order due to delivery boundaries set by restaurants.     

  • Not Available in All Cities
  • Addresses Outside Delivery Range Can’t Order Food

6.8 Total Score Reviews 2016: Summary

Overall, Eatstreet streamlines the way that you order food online with their simple design and easy-to-use mobile app. Within a few minutes of ordering and payment, you can have food already being made and prepped for delivery right to your doorstep. Although Eatstreet is limited by the amount of cities that they currently serve, I believe that number will only continue to grow. That number, and the amount of restaurants is expected to grow substantially in 2016, and the years to come. You can be sure that Eatstreet is a legit and safe company as they have received three rounds of investment funding over $10 every time, and been featured in top media outlets, such as Forbes. At you can also find cool ways that they give back to the community, located on their blog page.

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