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Is e-File.com Legit,
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What I Like
e-File.com Review

The website e-File.com is a place where people can get the software which helps them file federal and state taxes online.

They offer a simplified program that makes filing processes a lot easier. They do this by providing easy to answer questions and steps that are easy to follow.

They highly encourage their clients to take as much time when filing their taxes here. Since there is no rush, you can always leave and come back to where you left off.

That is why the company has an A rating and accreditation because of the positive e-File.com reviews that their customers have given them.

    • Money Back Guarantee
    • File Your Federal & State Taxes Online
    • Simplified Filing Process
    • A Rated & Accredited Company

What I Didn’t Like
e-File.com Review

Perhaps the only negative aspect of the company is that they are known to give poor customer service to their clients. There are many of them who have filed complaints in their e-File reviews already.

It is possible to read these reviews online to learn more about what the company has to offer. This would help new clients understand about their business and what they can do.

    • Poor Customer Service
Overall Thoughts
e-File.com Review

Overall, there are thousands of people who go to the website e-File.com in order to take advantage of their services right now.

You can use their e-file software even as a visitor as creating an account here is free. The software will be the one to calculate and prepare the return for you. There are many other features that you can take advantage of if you apply for a full membership.

You might write your own e-File.com reviews later once you have experienced their product and services.

About The Company
e-File.com Review

The website e-File.com provides people with the online personal income tax software that they need in order for them to file both state and federal taxes over the web.

The software makes it easy for people to file and process their taxes by providing questions that are easy to answer and simple steps as well.

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  1. I filled out the tax forms paid my $28.00 Then they told me you had to have last years tax information. So i couldnt go on any further. The next day i found a charge on my debit for the $28. Went online no phone # to call them. There is a link however to click on to dispute in writing although that appears not to work.Seems awful shady

  2. How do I trace my electronic withdrawal? The IRS is not showing the payment but the payment cleared my bank. The description on the bank statement is “Internal Revenue Bill Pay”.

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