JimmyJazz.com Reviews 2020

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Is JimmyJazz.com Legit,
Reliable or Safe Today?

What I Like
JimmyJazz.com Review

JimmyJazz.com is a website where people can buy the urban and street wear clothing that are trending right now.

The site offers top quality sneakers, tops, bottoms and accessories that are fashionable when it comes to the streets.

Many customers have praised the styles and designs being offered here through the JimmyJazz.com reviews they have made.

What makes them even better is that they offer people a 30 day full refund policy in case they are unhappy with their items.

    • 30 Day Full Refund Policy
    • Rated A & Accredited in BBB
    • Accepts PayPal & VISA
    • Quality Streetwear Online

What I Didn’t Like
JimmyJazz.com Review

The only negative aspect that has been mentioned in the JimmyJazz reviews is that the website is not known for its great customer service. There are many customers that have filed these complaints in the BBB regarding how they were rudely handled by their staff.

Being treated poorly by customer service personnel can be quite frustrating for many people.

It would be great if they can improve on this down the road in order to bring back some of their customers that were treated in this way.

    • Known for Poor Customer Service
Overall Thoughts
JimmyJazz.com Review

Overall, the JimmyJazz.com offers some of the best designs and styles when it comes to urban outfits right now.

People that would like to look street will be sure to find the apparel they need here. Men, women and even kids can all shop at the site!

Just remember to leave your own positive or negative JimmyJazz.com reviews later to let other people know about them.

About The Company
JimmyJazz.com Review

25 years ago, Founder and CEO James Khezrie of Jimmy Jazz started the company when he noticed the increasing demand for popular menswear in New York City.

His natural entrepreneur vision and spirit made him open the very first Jimmy Jazz store on Delancy Street in Manhattan.

Today, the company has more than 170 stores on major malls and streets in the USA, providing people with the urban wear they need at this time.

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