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Get 20% off Coupon for Social CBD

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Is Social CBD Legit?

Overall, Social CBD is a legit brand that began in 2019 based out of Portland, Oregon with CBD oil products from 100% hemp plants that's 3rd party tested 5 times for purity and consistency before being sold.

Originally, this company was Select CBD who has been around for over 5 years now decided to rebrand their name to Social CBD to make sure they are different then Select Oil cannabis products that are sold in retail cannabis dispensaries.

Is Social CBD Legit?
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  • Social CBD is a Legit Brand
  • 100% Hemp Plant-Based CBD Oil
  • 0.0% THC in Social CBD Products
  • Product Tested 5 Times by a 3rd Party
  • Can Be Higher Price For Some
  • Shipping Can Be Delayed (during holidays)
  • No International Shipping
  • Only Ships to 50 states in the US
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What is Social CBD?

Social CBD sells CBD oil products from 100% plant-based hemp, which’s 3rd party tested five times before a CBD product is put on the market.

At you will find some of the highest-quality CBD products that are good/fair prices compared to other top CBD brands online.

what is social cbd

legit social cbd review

Is Social CBD Legit?

Yes, Social CBD, which’s owned by Sentia Wellness, is a legit brand that started in 2019 and has CBD products in over 20,000 retail stores in the US including Walgreens, CVS, 7-Eleven, and more.

Social CBD is a legit brand of tested and trusted CBD products w/ 0.0% THC that originally started off as Select CBD.

They carry legit CBD products that are to help improve health and well-being with 100% CBD oil derived from hemp plants in the US.

is social cbd legit and good

Is Social CBD Good?

Yes, Social CBD has good CBD oil that is tested 5 times by an accredited 3rd party lab before Social CBD will sell it to the market.

Some of their Social CBD products also come with essential oils and herbs, like moringa leaf and yerba powder to get a boost, or valerian and passionflower extract to help rest and relax.

is social cbd good cbd oil legit

After testing over 6 Social CBD products, which were all good, I’d definitely say that Social CBD is legit and  one of the top leading CBD brands online today. 

Are there any Social CBD Coupon Codes?

Yes, currently Social CBD is offering 20% off (use code: SAVE20).

social cbd coupon code review

Where is Social CBD located?

Their main headquarters are in Portland, Oregon at 1419 NW 14th Ave where Sentia Wellness who is the parent company of Social CBD has over $30 million in technology to create and accelerate their CBD products.

where is social cbd located

You can also, find most Social CBD products being sold in over 20,000 retail stores in the United States including Wallgreens, CVS, and 7-Eleven.

Here is a Store Locator to find Social CBD products near you.

Is Select CBD now Social CBD?

Yes, Select CBD is now Social CBD, which was changed back in 2019 since they wanted to evolve and stand out from their THC product brands Select CBD and Select Oil.

Social CBD is owned by a parent company called who also owns and operates, which now carries specialty high-quality CBD products like Social CBD.

Back in May of 2019, Curaleaf Holdings Inc. purchased Select Oils worth $948.8 million, which sell cannabis oil products in retail dispensaries.

is select cbd now social cbd reviews

Is Social CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Oil?

Like broad spectrum drops, full-spectrum drops include more phytocannabinoids than just CBD. But there’s one major difference—full spectrum drops can include psychoactive cannabinoids like THC.

So there is a chance full spectrum drops will cause mental intoxication and show up on drug tests. That’s why Social CBD doesn’t have full spectrum drops—we’re dedicated to 0.0% THC.

Full-spectrum CBD can be extracted from either the hemp plant or the marijuana plant, whereas CBD must come from the hemp plant. Both are varieties of the Cannabis plant, however, the percentage of THC in each differ, hemp being less than 0.3% THC.

We source our CBD exclusively from the hemp plant and have it third-party tested to ensure no unwanted compounds—like THC—end up in our products.


What is Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil?

As it turns out, CBD is one of the most famous cannabinoids, but it’s far from the only one—hemp has over 100 other cannabinoids. Broad-spectrum drops—like our Vanilla Mint, Meyer Lemon, Pomegranate Tea, and Unflavored drops—offer compounded benefits by including more non-psychoactive cannabinoids from the hemp plant than just CBD. When brought together, they create something called the entourage effect.

The entourage effect happens when multiple hemp phytocannabinoids come together to interact with your ECS and natural cannabinoids. This collaboration creates synergy in your body. Essentially, the cannabinoids build off of one another, making their effects more powerful and beneficial. Together they are greater than the sum of their parts.

The bottom line: Broad-spectrum drops are a holistic approach to your wellness, while still being non-psychoactive. They encompass all the perks of CBD, plus the synergized effects of other non-psychoactive cannabinoids. So, is Broad-Spectrum CBD oil legit from Social CBD? You bet!

social cbd drops broad spectrum reviews

social cbd drops broad spectrum reviews

What is Isolate CBD Oil?

Isolate CBD is pure CBD extract from the hemp plant. All additional phytocannabinoids are carefully removed, leaving nothing except CBD. At Social, this refined extract is mixed with essential oils and MCT oil for an added herbal boost to enhance targeted effects. We call these our Social Isolate Drops.

What this means for you: With isolate CBD, you get all the benefits of CBD without the unwanted psychoactive effects (like those that can come with full spectrum products).

Isolate CBD may seem like a legit dream come true but hang on a second—if you like this, wait until you hear about the d spectrum.

what is isolate cbd oil

What CBD products does have?

First, you can shop by what exact effect you’re looking for:

cbd for energy and focus socialcbd review


cbd for sleep legit social cbd review currently carries the following CBD oil products and prices on their website:

Social CBD Broad-Spectrum CBD Drops Review (tincture):
375mg CBD ($39.99), 750mg ($69.99), 1,500mg ($124.99)



Social CBD Isolated CBD Drops Review:
250mg CBD ($19.99), 500mg ($39.99), 1,000mg ($59.99), 2,000mg ($119.99)

Social Naturals CBG Drops Review (cannabigerol tincture):
1,500mg CBG ($119.99)

Social CBD Vape Pens Review:
125mg CBD ($24.99), 250mg ($39.99)

Social CBD Gel Capsules Review:
2 caps tester ($5.98), 30 caps ($64.99)

Social CBD Topicals Review:
15mg CBD lip balm ($3.99), 250mg CBD muscle rub ($34.99), 20, 60, and 100mg CBD infused patch ($7.99 – $49.99), and more

Social CBD Gummies Review:
125mg total CBD 10 gummies ($14.99), 750mg total 60 gummies ($59.99)

Social CBD for Pets Review:
250mg CBD ($24.99), 500mg ($49.99), 750 mg ($59.99)


Other Top FAQs about Social CBD


What payment methods are accepted? currently accepts most credit card payments including Visa and Mastercard.

I have a problem with my order, what do I do?

If for any reason you have an issue with your order you can contact them via email at They don’t have any phone support at this time.

Can I change my order after it has been placed?

This will be case-by-case, so if you need help with an order change you can only reach them via

Can I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel your order you must do it soon after placing your order. 

Social CBD will do their best to help cancel your order, but there are no guarantees.

To cancel an order please sign in to your account:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Select “My Account” from the top menu bar
  3. Select “Orders”
  4. Choose the order you would like to cancel.
  5. Select “Cancel”

If you do not see this option please send a cancellation request as soon as possible to

To cancel a subscription:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Select “My Account” from the top menu bar
  3. Select “Subscriptions”
  4. Choose the subscription you would like to cancel.
  5. Select “Cancel” under the actions section

Please note if you do not wish to receive your next shipment, you will need to cancel your subscription at least 1 week ahead of your next subscription date. 



Where is my order?

Most orders will take about 1 to 3 business days but expect delays during the holidays and COVID season, so you can expect 3-6 business days during these times.

You can track your order by signing in to your account at You will need to find My Account > Orders > View.

Orders will usually take 1 business day to process (Monday – Friday), but orders stop processing after 12pm PST.

Once your order is placed you will receive a confirmation email to let you know when your order should arrive and it will include tracking information.

You can track your shipments through USPS:

How will my order be shipped?

Your order will be shipped (including free shipping) via USPS, in less you decide to pay for faster shipping at the checkout then it will be shipped via UPS, and 

Most orders with free shipping should take an average of 1 to 3 business days.

You can track your shipments at

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free for all orders of $99 or more with USPS.

You can upgrade your shipping with:

UPS Ground (1-5 business days) = $9.99

UPS 2nd Day Air = $11.99

UPS Next Day Air = $24.99

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, with the US Hemp Laws, they can only ship with the 50 states, so no internationally ordering or shipping is available at this time.



What is your return policy?

Most orders are non-refundable if an item has been opened already, in less you receive a damaged product then you have 30 days to return it for a full refund.

If an item you order is still new and in its original packaging then you have 30 days to return it.

If you are not happy or have concerns, Social CBD will address case-by-case to try and help you, but there are no guarantees.

Before returning any products, please let us know via in case we don’t receive your package.

To return your order, you will need to pay for return shipping and send it to:

Sentia Wellness, Inc., 19646 NW Sandy Blvd., Portland 97230

For more information, you can check their full refund policy here.


Other Top CBD Questions

How do you test your CBD products?

You bet! Social CBD uses an accredited third-party lab (ISO 17025) where their CBD oil is tested five times before it’s released to the market.

The test will check for any solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, microorganisms, and THC.

Also, listed on the side of each Social CBD product has a Lab ID and Lot # which allows you to look it up at:  

Are your CBD products organic?

Short answer, no. Why?

Unfortunately at this time, many states including Oregon, will no certify hemp processors, so because of this Social CBD and brands cannot label their products as “organic.”

Now, the farms that Social CBD works with to grow their hemp plants all use natural growing practices that are free of harmful chemicals, which you can test here at:

What type of extraction is used for the CBD oil drops?

Is there any Vitamin E in the products?

No! Social CBD products which are all tested by an accredited 3rd party lab do not contain any Vitamin E, or any CDC-identified harmful products in our vape products. says they never use Vitamin E Acetate or other potentially harmful agents like propylene glycol (PG), or vegetable glycerin (VG)

Will CBD get me high?

Nope! All Social CBD products contain 0.0% THC, so it’s non-psychoactive.

Does CBD expire, or go bad over time?

Social CBD recommends using their CBD products within 2 years of the manufacture date, and each product you buy will have a best used by date on them.

CBD products usually do not go bad, but they will start to lose their potency over time, so it’s best to use them within 2 years and to store Social CBD drops upright in a cool and dry place.

Is there any THC in your CBD products?

All Social CBD products contain 0.0% THC.

How should I store your products?

It’s best to store Social CBD drops and tinctures upright in a cool (room temperature) and dry place.

What if I’m drug tested?

Social CBD products contain only CBD isolate or distillate (from an industrial hemp source, required by law to test at under 0.3% for THC), but they make sure that all Social CBD products go beyond what’s required and test at 0.0% for THC.

The common urine drug screen for THC-COOH is known to have very little cross-reactivity to other cannabinoids that are not psychoactive, such as CBD. Positive THC-COOH screening results should be followed up with secondary confirmation testing.

There is anecdotal evidence across the industry that false-positive results have happened to some CBD-only users. There is a growing concern about the accuracy of urine drug screening given that CBD is legal to consume in nearly every state, but we cannot offer much more guidance than to look online for further resources that may help you in your situation.

Please leave us your review and feedback below. Thank you!

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