Lonely Planet Reviews 2020

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To sum up LonelyPlanet.com, they are a great resource for travel tips and advice. With their articles on many different travel related topics and the forum for all travelers, you can find exactly what you need to plan your next journey. Not least, their guidebooks to destinations around the world are very helpful for the avid traveler, or the occasional tourist. The best thing about the guidebooks is that they have been written by people who have actually gone out and done the travelling. Before you set off on your next expedition, make sure you check out Lonely Planet and see if they can’t help make your next trip, the best trip yet.

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PROS for Lonely Planet Reviews
After researching Lonely Planet, I have to say that they have one of the most unique designs for a travel company, all started by a spontaneous trip spanning several countries and the desire to explore. What really stood out were their imaginative ideas brought to life in compelling articles on anything related to travel. Aside from selling guidebooks to just about anywhere in the world Lonely Planet works hard to provide helpful information for any traveler wherever the destination. They have a great forum on LonelyPlanet.com which is a good place to ask questions, receive advice, and exchange information.

  • Guidebooks for Destinations Worldwide
  • Helpful Articles, Tips, and Answers
  • Dedicated forum for Travelers, By Travelers
  • The Premier Site for Everything Travel

CONS forLonely Planet Reviews
The only drawback to Lonely Planet was the amount of ads on the site. This is quite understandable, as the ads are a way to help keep their site up and running. They are somewhat distracting, but to the experienced user, they can be easily ignored. To the first time user of the LonelyPlanet.com site, they may find it a little overwhelming. There is so much information and helpful thinks, but thankfully they have a search bar which will narrow down the content and help you find exactly what you need.

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